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Changing the browser setting in chrome doesn't seem to change the camera used at all. I've refreshed the page as the chrome settings page helpfully says to do, but no dice.

Will wine run game maker games?

Interesting twist on chess. I assume the concept was to take the "strategy out of chess." It's mostly successful in creating chaotic chess that is still playable. I really like the piece designs, but I think it has one major flaw, I like the different "power ups" or characters that you can play, but when you pick the same ability for both players the pieces become visually indistinguishable, this becomes more aggravating when one of your players betrays and switches sides. I would either add a secondary color scheme (like black and white) to let you tell who is who, or only allow one player to pick a particular character.

I think also to retain a little bit more chess like-ness I'd default the random effects to low, or give the players a visual countdown til one random event happens so that it might be possible to prepare in advance.

Some good bones you've got here! I think the mechanics feel a little off I'm not sure why. I was expecting to be able to at least walk back and forth (because I thought the only thing missing was gravity) and also I thought the 'c' jump action was weird, it felt like just a fast version of 'z' pull. Keep working on it!

I wish I had figured out how to not use the hard rooms, I had to use all rooms for my last run.

Thanks for the tip!

That one took me forever! It has a surprisingly simple solution, but I felt like a stumbled upon the solution accidentally.