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I had to dig up the file - I uploaded the Falling Ghosts Game Boy Advance version to Dropbox.

There are some noticeable game play differences from the CHIP8 version:

  • Three lives
  • Dots, fruits, and energizers also fall
  • Eat the dots to build up score
  • Eat fruits to freeze the ghosts temporarily
  • Ghosts fall in zig-zag pattern

In the CHIP 8 version, I agree that the "cool down" period of the power pill is short and it is easy to get snagged by the ghosts.  I think the game is beatable, but I have not done so yet myself...  I'm curious if anyone does get to 256 points :)


Thanks for running Octojam9!  I learned quite a lot by working on a game and had fun doing so.

CHIP8 is an interesting platform and this jam got me interested to read the history and I came
across the BYTE Magazine (Vol 3, Number 12, 1978) article.  Wow - programming this (or any other system)
back in the day was intense with working out all the opcodes and assembly to program a game.

So, thank you also for making the Octo and c-octo tools, which makes things much easier!

Nice game - I tried to use the arrow keys for controls, but found I needed to rotate the keyboard.  Perhaps consider the mapping:

  • D (right arrow): advance
  • W (up arrow):  left
  • S (down arrow): right

Specifically, the code changes are:

v0 := OCTO_KEY_D
if v0 key then px += 1

if px == 64
then :call moveplayer

v0 := OCTO_KEY_W
if v0 key then py -= 1

 v0 := OCTO_KEY_S
if v0 key then py += 1


Nice game!  It is neat to see it work with just three letters.