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Platformer with shooting mechanics is actually unusual. But thanks!


Great video

Thanks for the report!

The demo was updated. Have take a look

Thank you. Us too.

Yes, it will be released on Mac. Thanks!


it's out now

Sorry the new update is delayed a few days.

It's an early build. But we will fix those problem before when its released. Sorry about made you uncomfortable.

Bug will be fixed on next version. :D


Thanks for the video!

What happened when you play?

Thanks for your feedback, we will consider that. Btw the crystals are used for abilities, but you have to get one in game.

Sorry, this is caused by screen resolution. Please use 1920x1080, we will fix this in later version.

Wow it’s really amazing to meet old friend here XD

Sorry it’s only for Xbox controller now

Yes it’s a known bug, sorry for that.

We don’t have made the decision yet.

Thanks for your video! Well played!

You will find a lot of items help you jump higher or jump multiple times, even fly. But yes we should put these places in the deeper level. And the menu will be added in the next update. Thanks for your feedback!

We have spent lots of time to improve control and will keep doing that. Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks! We will consider that....

Thanks! This will be a paid game in steam but won't be expensive tho.

Thank you! There will be a inventory in game for players to check what items they got in the next version.'s a known bug. Sorry for that.

Thanks for playing and reviewing! We are working hard on these issues, some of them are bugs and also we will provide control config for players.

Thanks XD

hahahaha thanks dude

What OS are you using? What is your screen resolution?

Thanks! Do you have any screenshot or more details about this bug?

Hope you enjoy it

Great, we will.

Sorry, we don't have this plan yet.

Maybe a few months later

Thanks for your video! I like your thumbnail lol

Thanks for your reports, we will check these issues and fix them. Thanks again.

Thanks dude