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Huge thanks for the feedback! We'll see about getting some of the suggestions  addressed after bugfixes.

Did you install it with the app or download it from this page?

Thanks for the heads up! I updated the zip with the newest copy.

Did you change where the game was located?

Hmm, do does it still appear now? There may be a possible fix I can suggest depending.

Oh, lol, that's certainly different - could you get some footage of this by any chance?

What are your specs? Windows version, 32/64bit, video card?

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Glad you liked it! Rest assured, we feel the same - this was done very much seat-of-the-pants and racing against time. There are plans for a full, more comfortable experience down the line. In the meantime, the slightly updated version features more corners! =)

The videos _should_ come a lot faster in the updated version.

Update is live, let us know of any issues.

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Hey guys, we're gearing up to do a small update to hopefully address some of the issues people are encountering.