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Thank you for playing! The game "ends" when you've collected everything, but doesn't have any sort of ending. You should be able to get as much of every collectible as you want, but the progress will not be saved.

The Switch counts as a console because it requires creating a separate developer account for the system, rebuilding the game for the console using exclusive tools, and potentially having to rebuild/test that version in case bugs come up among other things.

This is different from building for Android which has relatively looser restrictions and is often included natively as a build option for game engines. However, looking into it now, releasing games for Switch seems a bit easier than expected, so I'll consider looking into it. Thank you for asking!

I plan to release the full game on Steam at the same time as Itch. I don't have the resources to release on any consoles, but it will also be releasing on the Android Play Store.

There's a free demo version in the description! While I do plan on making the final version cheaper than early access, I would prefer not to completely devalue over a year of unpaid solo work.

Thank you very much!

I don't usually edit my games very much after releasing them, but may consider adding some of these changes sometime just because it's so popular, especially some of those assets.

The color wheel / presets are built into the game engine so I'm not actually sure how to fix that glitch other than removing preset colors entirely (maybe that'd be fine because there's an eyedropper anyway?), but I should be able to do the rest in some form or another. While having a photoshop layer list would be tough, I should be able to at least display the layer of the object last selected, for example.

Thank you! I'll think about it when I'm not between projects and when I figure out what to do with it lol

Thank you very much! I definitely tried to make it simple without taking away too much, and hope I can meet your expectations.

Thank you for the feedback! 

The one button grab was a bit of an awkward decision; the original version of the game was meant to just have Left/Right/A/B (and it still is on mobile 2 player!), and almost every button combination was meant to be used for a full moveset (the exceptions being Left+Right, which is the same as pressing neither), along with the fact that it would fit 2 players more easily on one device/keyboard. However, I added a third button during testing that was the same as just pressing C, and while there is a buffer to make grabs easier I decided it wouldn't hurt to put it in. Smash Bros has a similar thing where grab can be done with one button or shield + attack.

Button mapping is a must for the final version, but some QoL features were never finished so I could get the demo done before I got busy. Definitely adding it later, though.

Auto-blocking was a bit of a tough decision, but what made me decide it was necessary was projectiles. In games like Street Fighter, you can crouch block to block an incoming projectile without moving, but in DracoFighter, only being able to block with back means either 1) walk speed / projectile speed would have to be adjusted so that the projectile will actually catch up to your backwards walking which is awkward, or 2) you'll be automatically frozen in place, which will prevent you from moving backwards at all. Neither sounded very appealing, though I would say standing still to block still makes it easier to get grabbed than walking backwards to block. And of course, I didn't want to add another button for blocking since making the game local multiplayer on one mobile device was one of the top priorities for simplicity.

(Also the AI is literally just random inputs lol, hopefully I can figure out a proper AI sometime)

i've considered more complicated combo routes, but i find it clashing with the game's main philosophy of simplicity / not having to memorize a lot of game mechanics, along with being generally frustrating for people who don't play fighting games much

there'll also be less of an emphasis on anything aerial for more emphasis on footsies, this'll be more like streetfighter than most other fgs

i do not! just my twitter which should be linked on my page, but i do a lot more on there lol

my Dragon Pet Simulator game on here is technically my first finished game, so that dates it to about 2 years ago? but ive spent years before that learning programming and doing similar things, so it could be considered longer (Scratch probably counts but i have no idea how to date that lol)

thank you very much!

Thank you for the comment! Much appreciated <3