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Hi Tremsemfim. Sorry, Not to sell.  To post online or to make freely available, yes, but for a sold game we would need to have a personal discussion on the terms.

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Hi Roboticalcat, I'm glad to see your interest. I have added download instructions and suggest you delete the version you have already and download the file again, as it has been updated to a new (and better) version. I really hope you enjoy it. :)

The game has been updated with a later version, but the experience will be the same, just with a bit more.

Thank you very much, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. There is an updated version coming shortly that addresses a number of the issues you spotted and it was really interesting to watch your video on it. I kinda wish we'd actually had your backing music though :P

Thanks for playing, we're all super happy you liked it. Keep an eye out for updates in the future that might make your experience better or worse depending on how you like scares. Ha.

I'm for it.

This looks like it will be really cool.

I just want more of this all. Give me a hundred worlds and I could explore every inch of them this way.  I really like the "garden"-ness of both scenes. I totally wish there was a jump because I just wanted to run and launch off stuff. Very cool.

What a feeling! I love the... "Chill Interest" is about the only way I can put it, that I get from this game.

Awesome stuff. Part of me wanted to light up everything and the other part was too relaxed to care. I could sleep to this, easy.
It really is better to download it and play it rather than in-browser, just for frame rate.

Hi wobblyfootgamer, We're really glad you enjoy it and really enjoyed watching the play-through. Hopefully you'll be back for more, later.
If you want to modify the game in any way you'll have to take it up with the music creator as it is his product.

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Meanwhile, in an alternate-primordial sea! I love the amount of life all these critters have. The visuals translated to a game really well, probably due to the assets being actually drawn and painted. I kinda want a version of this playing in the corner of my monitor at all times just to chill me out.

Once I got what was going on I was thoroughly impressed. I came for the pun, I stayed for the chronicle, and I can't wait for the sequel. Great job.

This page needs more pictures and gifs. The title image is pretty boss though.