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looks promising :O

does this have english version? from the pictures it seems to be only japanese

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whaaat, i thought this was monster collecting pokemon style :(

still good tho

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Great game, I recommend adding realistic footsteps sounds to give more immersion, like walking of wood, walking on stone/concrete, walking in water/wet footsteps, maybe marble and iron aswell? also when going through a door add opening a door noise, I feel like this will give the game life, like imagine bloodborne without any footsteps sounds? or opening doors sound? or any of the Souls games? these games would feel more or less dead

is this the same Drova - Teaser on Steam?

He's saying: It's a sweet game

you can use google translate on detect language

Wow very good game

can anything be made with the little skeleton friend?

how do you create such gold is beyond me


i like your words magic man

i mean it was very good, i wanted moar!

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Dies* X^P

I just finished this, it's very very amazing, felt like I was living/playing a creepypasta! its very long for a demo, ill go play Demo 2 now :)

can you make the legend of link non flash?

'he is missing' is the main character gay?

maybe bullets move faster idk, or you have less ammo

its so short :(

is this a game? and is it light a novel game? or choices matter kind of thing?

Nice game, i wont play it alot because the OG retro sounds give me a bit of fear/worry, idk why is that, probably because I used to play packman or something xD

is there an end to this game or is it infinit? also what game are you working on that you are learning shaders for?

took me 32 mins, great game 5/5

i finished with 2 dead/meteor spots left, nice game

Wholesome lev 100

Nice game dude

can someone help me? am stuck on the rooftop route on the second pipe room with all the shelfs, it has a room to the right that has the laptop, I turned all the smoke off but I cant access the laptop, the laptop has 59 on it and 60 card on top of it 

ill agree to disagree with you, i like old horrors but what I like most about them is that they are cheap and my potato laptop can run them, otherwise I wouldn't mind playing new modern horrors... resident evil and outlast can go to hell for all I care tho

lol, after i died a sheep walked next to my body, the I pressed space and killed it xD