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Nice! Shooting felt satisfying and pretty much everything worked as expected to make a fun experience. I died on the second wave of the second level.

A cute and polished heartwarming gem. Well-done!

Congrats on your regional win!

That last puzzle took me a couple minutes but finally got it. :) Good fun!


4/5 Love the concept and presentation, would have loved to see more characters and art developed by the team.

3/5 Weird and minimal features, but pretty well done, great work with audio and polish.

2/5 Funny but wow does it not look fun to play. Bonus star because it was actually beatable and had text to display instructions and results!

4/5 I'm not a fan of tower defense and it needed the difficulty to ramp up but it was really well done.

5/5 Would be dragged up a hill again.

Beautiful! No real complaints here. Engaging and fun.

it's like a summary or the short version, like a tl;dr

Pretty cool!

I am interested, I think your style would work with my project. I'll send you the details. 

Here is a reminder about this game. Could not read the last sign. BEST ENDING EVER! Thanks for making. :) 

This is just a game jam game so free or by donation but it should be simple to localize and if they have the Vive then I hope it is an interesting experience.

  nice work on UI and full progression, complete game
  good making shield transparent
  crazy loud sound, no music 
  basic idea but well executed

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  surprising depth with leveling up
  simple aesthetic but clear what you need to do
  sound is functional but a bit annoying, no music, bad audio balance  
  good technical achievement
  what would it be like if you worked with a team?

  good screenshots
  nice automatic walking and use of engine
  simple controls
  good music
  thanks for listing asset store links

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  nice decision then espionage stealth game

good use of theme
  good use of assets for a cohesive atmosphere
  nice screenshots

  nice way to get a lot of content
  few mechanics

  no screenshots, late download
  glaring saturated colors
  point and click mechanics
  good job on playable
  congrats on your first utah indie game jam!

  nice screenshots
  simple mechanics and controls, no sound

Some minor mechanical complaints, but great job for one person

  battles are your choices
  handmade art
  recreated final fantasy battle system
  character growth
  instant actions can be jarring
  no borders on UI make it hard to tell what is going on
  good music choice
  nice screenshots

(3 edits)

  no screenshots
  nice hand made pixel art and code and music
  wall of text
  cool idea for theme
  a bit difficult looking

  straightforward but simple use of theme
  good interaction mechanics
  you can fly through the sun
  game page screenshots nice

  good music choice and cohesive aesthetics
  simple already been done mechanics
  "genuine challenging"
  pretty difficult seeming
  good job on the death sequence
  good screenshots

  nice text
  nice amount of features
  great job getting multiplayer - proton
  webgl worked out of the box?!
  great use of theme
  great music, no sound

  audio unbalanced
  framerate sadness
  amateur production
  multiplayer! large team!
  nice job making everything from scratch
  no download, no screenshots

  no info on page
  all handmade
  cute idea, showed well
  need to plan time to integrate assets

  Was Adventure Creator cool?
  dialog game
  simple clicking game, good choice of music
  nice screenshots and links

  Spooky fun art style

  smooth controls
  simple use of theme
  possession mechanic - nice!
  fun mechanics
  no sound
  good producer
  cool story

  nice 2d art
  nice job completing a project
  not mechanically deep
  good use of ren py and decision points
  intro title splash
  seemed well produced and managed

Good job!

Best pun :)

Short but I liked where it was going.

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Solid entry. I think I like this one the most, personally.

I see some green cubes and darkness and fading effect. Wish we could have seen more. Good work on the pitch!

The art direction was cute and fun, and the whole game felt pretty polished. Great work!