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Good job!

Best pun :)

Short but I liked where it was going.

(Edited 1 time)

Solid entry. I think I like this one the most, personally.

I see some green cubes and darkness and fading effect. Wish we could have seen more. Good work on the pitch!

The art direction was cute and fun, and the whole game felt pretty polished. Great work!

A great visual display and coherent vision though incomplete. Smooth animation and gameplay and neat ideas in the content and story. Great work and congratulations!

Augh the puns! Good visuals and mechanics, deserved more awards IMO!

Multiplayer is hard, yep. Looked like a lot of the work was done, good job and good concept!

Excellent work with dialog, menu, gameplay, and overall an excellent demo, and a well-deserved award! Great job!

Nice work and congrats on your award! Interesting how much smoother the Leap seemed to be, nice animation/mechanics work.

Nice work! Colorful visuals and good animation and models. Simple premise and mechanics. Good atmosphere and vision.

Congrats on a complete game! The gameplay felt fine and even though it was a wall of text and some parts were contrived the story was pretty good for a short game. Good humor in the humorous parts. Lots of places to explore may have meant lots of frustration for players, but the secret ending felt rewarding.

Congrats on the award and on making a complete game!

Great difficulty curve, neat features (wall jumping is a favorite of mine), and good visual arrangement. Looking forward to more games in the future from you!

Smooth and fun-looking, nice technical work, clear visuals. Congrats!

Sneakily fun looking, but probably too hard for demo!

Nice work, I liked that you got a level editor in!

Fun, and I liked the interactive/exploration elements for a twine game.

Noticed a couple errors:

"But you opponent is the void for now."
I think "you" should be "your" here

"It's parting gift a hole where you sit."
I think "It's" should be "Its" here, and you were just running so it is a little jarring that you are suddenly sitting. Maybe you meant to say stand?

Overall I thought it was crisp, short, and thought provoking.

I didn't notice any glaring mistakes. The story came across to me very well. A wonderful story experience.

If you like silly RPG Maker games, this one is worth your 10 minutes.

Great, will do. Thank you Jupiter!

Thank you for your feedback qualifiedbadger!

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah I only had weekends to work on this so it is definitely small, but I thought it was still worth submitting since they are looking for 10 minute experiences. I am curious what you thought was lacking, or in what way was it lacking, just in general for next time.

I put an mp3 file in the same folder, and then after the final html export from Twine, I edited the html file:

<li id="credits">This story was created with <a href="<a href=" http:="" twinery.org="" "="">http://twinery.org/</a>">Twine and is powered by <a href="<a href=" http:="" tiddlywiki.com="" "="">http://tiddlywiki.com/</a>">TiddlyWiki</li>

So right after that I inserted my own:

<li><audio controls style="width:130px;height:60px;"><source src="TheFallofArcana.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">Your browser does not support the audio element.</audio></li>

Solid mechanics and well tested. Great scoping and execution of the vision.