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Great artwork and atmosphere and fun gameplay and level design!

This was one of my top favorites in the jam both for the cute art and for being a successful multiplayer game! Great work on all the animations and on scoping well so you could put together a complete game experience!

Love this one, a true jam game.

Love the polish on this game! 

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Yeah it's possible! You can see me do it on stream here:
No trick really- it is difficult since you might have to be patient and use the walls and let off the mouse at just the right time, but keep at it and you'll get lucky soon enough. XD 

2900 in the corner when I got the ultimate robot. Yay!

Very cool, thank you!!

Nice! Took me a few tries to beat 50 but I got it eventually. Fun gameplay, challenging, good polish for a game jam game.

Wonderful art! I love the numbers in the background and the cool indie feel! I'm so excited to see what more you add!

Really beautiful and serene atmosphere and great overall game polish. Nice game jam submission!

Simple gameplay but great atmosphere. This is well made and nicely complete and polished! 

Some good surprises here. Finished all the levels.

Hello all!
I am vazor and I'm a game developer.

Feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself and let us know anything you'd like to share about yourself here!

Nicely done! The platforming and jumping mechanics are frustrating but the depth of the shooting and catching stars and the level design and the character art and audio design and music more than make up for it!

That was a fast dev and release turnaround!

Nice work, good visuals and simple fun puzzle gameplay.

Really cute game!!

That was awesome! Very cinematic with the soul's transition animation, and enjoyable to play the different scenes and control types. My best was with dolphin at 76. If I could change one thing I would make the land jump change height based on how long I hold the jump key down. Great work!

Very simple and meets the requirements nicely.

Visuals and audio were on point. It's hard to make a system that feels synced to the beat. I had fun :)


Nice! Shooting felt satisfying and pretty much everything worked as expected to make a fun experience. I died on the second wave of the second level.

A cute and polished heartwarming gem. Well-done!

Congrats on your regional win!

That last puzzle took me a couple minutes but finally got it. :) Good fun!


4/5 Love the concept and presentation, would have loved to see more characters and art developed by the team.

3/5 Weird and minimal features, but pretty well done, great work with audio and polish.

2/5 Funny but wow does it not look fun to play. Bonus star because it was actually beatable and had text to display instructions and results!

4/5 I'm not a fan of tower defense and it needed the difficulty to ramp up but it was really well done.

5/5 Would be dragged up a hill again.

Beautiful! No real complaints here. Engaging and fun.

it's like a summary or the short version, like a tl;dr

Pretty cool!

I am interested, I think your style would work with my project. I'll send you the details. 

Here is a reminder about this game. Could not read the last sign. BEST ENDING EVER! Thanks for making. :) 

This is just a game jam game so free or by donation but it should be simple to localize and if they have the Vive then I hope it is an interesting experience.

  nice work on UI and full progression, complete game
  good making shield transparent
  crazy loud sound, no music 
  basic idea but well executed

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  surprising depth with leveling up
  simple aesthetic but clear what you need to do
  sound is functional but a bit annoying, no music, bad audio balance  
  good technical achievement
  what would it be like if you worked with a team?

  good screenshots
  nice automatic walking and use of engine
  simple controls
  good music
  thanks for listing asset store links