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This was great! I loved playing through this short scp game. The scares were well done and made me almost jump out of my own skin a few times and the puzzle was pretty hard but mainly because I didn't realize there is two of the same symbols with one being sideways lol. I am fascinated by the scp universe but am still relatively new to it, so this game helped shine a bright light on SCP-847 for me!! Great Job DEV!!

This game is a super awesome idea and I loved the whole concept of taking something old and making it new and fresh! The graphics and controls are spot on and the audio is superb! I also liked the whole look of the station and all the little things you could look at like the cup of ramen or all the dolls etc.. The only things in my opinion that could use a little tweaking is picking up oxygen orbs was a little weird and I seemed to keep throwing them when I was trying to use them, also getting in the lockers is a little rough to do when you are being chased, instead of having to open the door and then interact with the locker again.. why not just interact with the locker once to just get inside? I also felt like the guns didn't really do anything, not that I would expect to kill the ghost or anything, but to at least maybe slow them down or something.. I don't know if they do already but they didn't really seem to make a difference, all of this is just my opinion though. Alright after the long winded review, you could also just watch the video and see the things I spoke of above. Overall though this is great and was really well made and I would highly recommend it! Great job Dev!!

Haha, glad I am not the only one! I watched one other video and they found the light switch..

This was AWESOME! I loved the whole feel of this and the scares were really well done! I thought that the story was super cool and I would really like to see more added to this. The only bug I came across was the key from the vending machine bugged out during my first playthrough which is in my video... But other than that, this was just great! 

Great job Max Horror, Keep the games coming!

I absolutely LOVED everything about this game from the voice recognition to the big jump scares!! Everything was done so well and the hard work definitely shows here!! I wasn't sure why exactly we were being haunted by some demon or whatever it was (I think it has something to do with what our chief was talking about when we first got into the game but I am not exactly sure what that was all about). I hope this gets made into a full length game because I would LOVE to play more!! GREAT JOB!

Check timestamps Dispatch is the second game in this video

This game had a very cool atmosphere, and I dug the whole night vision camera perspective.. I do wish that there was something a little scarier in the game. I liked the creepiness of seeing the two figures standing in the little windows, but I wished they were more involved within the gameplay. But overall good project dev and looking forward to seeing more!

P.S. Crux is the first game in this video

This was a very neat little game that had a pretty cool concept! I loved the glowing eyes across the street that caused paranoia throughout the entire play through. I was a dummy and didn't realize that there was a light switch in the house for my play through! The only thing that should be added in my opinion is something to get the story across about the unsolved murders within the game...  maybe something as easy as a newspaper on a table with the story as the headline or something..(Hopefully there isn't one somewhere but like I said I never turned on the lights in the house lol). But overall great job and looking forward to more content!

Great job on this!! I am a new player to your games, the only other game i've tried of yours so far is Channel Infinity. Between the two, they're very different as far as play style goes.. I really liked in this game that the player has a gun to defend themselves, which is a nice change in the indie horror game scene!! I also really liked that this game is a pretty decent challenge to complete for the first time.. It took me sooo long to find the third generator. The only thing that I wasn't the biggest fan of was stamina system, it ran out within 2 steps so it was just a bit frustrating to keep letting off the shift key and back on to run.. But that is just my own personal opinion... I also really loved the ending! Overall this was really great and I enjoy the hell out of it!! Keep up the great work!!

This game is really good and has a lot going for it.. It looks good and is full of great scares!! The only things I would like to see change is maybe a run feature or a walk speed increase because sometimes it seemed like forever to go from downstairs back upstairs.. Another thing that would be cool is maybe some kind of story, it doesn't have to be a full blown story, just maybe like a reason why we are in a dark hotel all alone or maybe a backstory on who the ghost is and why she is haunting this hotel.. just thoughts but either, this was really cool so keep up the good work! Great job Dev!

Very cool and unique little game!! I am not exactly sure what the story was supposed to be?.. But it was fun! The verbiage also could use some work, some of the english wasn't correctly worded. However I didn't run into any bugs and everything ran smoothly for me! Overall, I thought the game was very well done! Good job dev!!

I enjoyed playing this game. I thought the tense moments were great... But, I wish that there was actually some sort of danger in the game. I didn't understand the need to show that the player can crouch to make less noise? I didn't see anywhere in the game where that would've helped with anything. I really enjoyed the ending of this game! But overall great job and would love to see more added to this!

This was a cool little game.. I was a little confused about what the whole dream sequences represented. There's a few creepy moments but not really any scares.. well, it made me jump once so I guess maybe one if you jump easy like me. But for a 5 minute game I would recommend giving it a shot. Keep up the good work!

Wow! This game is AWESOME! I liked everything about it from the hand drawn cutscenes to Cage-Face himself.. All in all definitely play this game if you enjoy horror! Keep up the great work!

Thank you! I look forward to your future work!

I really enjoyed this game! I liked that the scares weren't over complicated or overdone.. I also liked that the story wasn't just explained to you, you had to explore to try and uncover what is going on. If you don't explore then you wouldn't find the cave or the scary shack... When I played I didn't realize like a goof that I could read the texts so I hope I didn't miss too much from that, I also didn't get ending 1 and couldn't figure out how to get it. I was a little confused as to what happened in ending ending 3 as well.. But overall great job and I had a great time playing this game!

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I loved the feel of this demo! The overall atmosphere was great! The visuals and audio were on point! For a quick demo there were a few good scares as well, so you gotta love that! When I read the plot somehow I skipped past the disappearance of all the family members.. so I was a little lost as to what exactly was going on but I am excited to see more!

Loved this game and the twist at the end!! I loved the build up of suspense throughout the game! Definitely worth a playthrough!