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This is a masterpiece. It should be exhibited in galleries all over the world. You transcribe the feeling of apotheosis beautifully and for that I am thankful.

Looking forward to this!

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Hey is it possible for an achievement guide to be made? 

You are one of my favorite visual novel writers.

A save system would be nice. Voice acting would also be lovely however if its too time consuming and expensive you can leave it out just fine. Also a history button to check previous dialogue is needed.

Interesting, looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Hey can you make a downloadable version?

One of my favorite rpg's, truly fantastic artwork and a delightful story.

Dear Althea community · Created a new topic Demo

Where can I play the demo?

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Will this work have romance elements?

Hey is the whole point about the visual novel about the futility of death and how sometimes you can never convince someone to move on and prosper for themselves?

Ayo sequel?

Absolutely delightful, I hope this is to be a long running trend of great content to come.

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Hey the game suddenly closed down, but aside from that great job, the writing and humor is polished well.

Hey man the walkthrough hasn't been updated and I'm stuck on getting the new scenes. Could I get some help?

Additionally is there a planned release date for the fully finished version? The game seems pretty good so far.

Could it be possible to customize the mc's gender?

Thanks for the content man, keep it up your doing well.

An art piece. Could be flushed out more. However are the images concerning the hero not in the game but lures for the meta-narrative experience?

The most intriguing and polished story experience focused around Vampires Ive read. Good job and keep up the great work.

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Love it, good luck on your future projects.

Thanks for the info, looking forward to the full release.

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Love the music though, good character dialogue and a unique plot. Hope the release goes well!

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Will there be poly or demi sexual content? Also will their be any more romanceable characters? Additionally why doesn't this demo allow me to save or skip dialogue like other dating sims? Is this just a temporary thing for the demo.

Great character dialogue and art. Good job, can't wait for the next releases.

An interesting start, a good addition would be the back button as a quality of life improvement. Looking forward to the future release!

Thanks dude.

Mendel community · Created a new topic Doesn't start
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Every time I open the game the screen with the text comes on, then it stays on the loading screen and promptly closes itself.  After a few tries it deletes itself from my downloads.

Is there a release date planned for this?

Love it. Amazing, wish there was more content for frequency.

Its all in Russian.

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I wish Suyin was romancable , they seem like a great character. Great presentation overall, the portraits and character models are well done. The plot is intriguing and capturing so far. Keep it up. Can't wait for the next episode!

Hope you keep it up. This could become the next Superstition.