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Shawn Roske

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Will be very useful in my work with teens!

Out of curiosity, I bought your "game." I wondered what a two word role playing game would be. I don't know what else I was thinking it would be. It's exactly what it says. Two words. Thank you. Lesson learned. Very funny.

Would Dread be a good match?

I think I found the email and used a code. I got a receipt, so I think it's working. Thanks!

Hi, I just reviewed my purchase library and realized that I paid for a hard copy of this game. How can I get my physical address to you for you to send the book to me?

It was part of a design competition. So the rules are very light. It is almost improvisational. It is intended to be a simple crafting process that emulates Dwarf Fortress in spirit. The tables provided are based on things that happen in the game. It is expected that anyone attempting to play the game must be familiar with the fortress mode of Dwarf Fortress, and would then play out a crafting process of making a fort along with  spontaneously  introducing random elements into the flow of play as it does in the video game.

How do I get a copy of this game?

Excellent! Thanks.

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I purchased your game and while I understand the style of the layout you are going for, the bottom paragraphs bleed off the left side of the page and are illegible.

I cannot tell what address you will ship my hardcover. I added the extra dollar. I'm in Canada. Please contact me for my current address

I think you should charge money for this product