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This was a really great decisive game. Watching the locals die after stealing their oxygen was heart wrenching.
You can check out my experience here:

I feel like this game is the epitome of Dad jokes. I LOVE IT! You can check out my experience here:

Does this game have same-computer (split screen) capabilities, or is it restricted to online/local network mutliplayer?

This was a great setup for a game! Too bad I sucked at it. But hey, you can check out my experience here:

This was an awesome game! Nothing like sliming the walls to scare the ever living crud out of the dwellers! Great work! You can check out my experience in the video below:

Definitely worth the overall winner of the game jam! Fantastic use of the time limit, which adheres to the story, not just the mechanic. Perfect use of urgency and cute and colourful animals to help steer a players direction. Simple but effective mechanics really made this game. Fantastic work! 

What a fantastic game! The procedurally generated music was good, the gameplay was fun (if not frustrating) and it totally lived up to the one minute theme. Awesome work. 

You can check out the video here:

This was a really exciting game! If anything, I would wish that the game continued afterwards, with greater waves or something. But a fantastic entry into the game jam.

You can check out my experience here:

I honestly don't know what I expected from a Meta Mouse Clicker game. I got to 2700 clicks and gave up. Please tell me there isn't some ending at 10k.

Loved it. Great music, awesome sounds, and the writing was great. Ending 10/10, would spoop again.

Very awesome game, with a very unique design using the one minute theme.
A few qualms include;
- Lack of direction in terms of knowing what to do. The game expresses the fact that you can crowdsurf, but not that it's your main source of points.
- Bumping into other people isn't very intuitive. You continually lose points, but occasionally have no way to avoid them or escape the "collision". A weak bump would have made this more effective.
- People on floor put their hands up to carry you for crowdsurfing.

Outside of these, this was a really fun, and enjoyable game; if not slightly difficult. Great work!
A video of my experience can be found here; 

This honestly, is such a fantastic game! I loved it!

A few notes however;
- Having the keyboard controls in the "controls" would have made things a bit easier, since I forgot to look on the itch.io page.
- An endless round where you have a set amount of money (eg, $250) and must survive through a continuous set of waves would have been awesome. i know this is just a game jam, but it could be so much more.

Regardless, awesome game; great work; and thanks for creating this!

Wow. This game was actually a really great experience. The random spawning of the monster was slightly frustrating when it meant you got killed very quickly or had no way past it. But otherwise a very solid game with great but simple mechanics. Awesome work!

Another incredible game by Terakorp! Smooth gameplay, great controls, and just the right amount of frustrating, get a preview here:

Greetings! Firstly; what a great style of game. I really loved the 8-bit style, and ease of buttons. In saying that, the control scheme got a little frustrating at times, and some of the movement was almost painful. Outside that though, it was a relatively good experience. Thanks for the upload!

Greetings all! For those of you still on the fence about downloading this game, then here is a video of my experience:
15 minutes. and 49 deaths. Can you beat my score?

Wow! I was expecting hard; but not this hard. I couldn't even get past level 3! Thanks so much for creating this great, but challenging game!

Wow, what a fantastic game! The music is incredible, the gameplay idea is great, and the story has meaning; this is a wonderful little indie game that i've fallen in love with.
My only qualm is with the controls; I had to remap all of the controls manually, and even then, the naming convention was slightly off. But past that, the game was (and is) well worth my time. Great work!

Fantastic set of mini games, but I want more! Awesome choice of games, great audio, and smooth Gameplay. Worth the download! 

What a fantastic and quirky game! I loved it! Great style, awesome art, and very nice humour. Thanks for creating this game!

Such an awesome and interesting game! Definitely challenging, but the right amount of. Hope you keep on developing this!


Greetings! Here's a video I've made of your game! I hope you enjoy the video, and don't take the critisism harshly!

Anyone who's interested in some gameplay of this, check it out here! (While you,re downloading of course!)