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I found a bug with the bullet canister. If you pick up a bullet canister when you have a bullet canister and rapidly press r then the canister will no longer regen, and you can reload it.

Anyone with the link can access it

Could you add some way to save stuff between runs? Perhaps saving coins or one gun part you had?

I'm working on a google doc with all recipes

Feel free to comment any recipes I don't have, I will add them.

Sign out of your Chromebook, and then log back in

Can you add exportable saves?

Domo Arigato Idle Roboto

Why have I played this twelve times?

I have the same problem. I don't think there is a fix online.

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Go for a better time. My record is 5 minutes and 12 seconds.


This is an amazing game! I hope it gets updated in the future.

Why does the background turn green?

This is a really cool game!

Yep. That intern probably just exploded.

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I think paper airplane should craftable with all of the basic elements; PA + Fire = PA that trails fire, PA + Wind = PA with a faster use time and higher damage, and so on. It would make PA move fun and chaotic.

What are coal and steel?

I don't think I will ever play a game that will top this.

How do you make the tempered sword? I love to use it and wish to craft it.

Sometimes it won't reset it, but I don't know why.

Can you make it so that if you reboot the game it doesn't reset your progress?

Could you add a way to get all moves in the final level?

Cool! I found a glitch. A lot of times, no boats would spawn.

How can you get the skin that involves smashing boxes? I tried smashing them by lifting them high in the air and hitting them with the big boat too, but it didn't work.

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Could you add a mode where you can just do whatever you want?

Also, is this intentional?