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A problem

I can't seem to collect this note. This is after the part explaining what the green dudes are. Is there any trick to picking this up? because it seems I cannot progress until I can pick up this note.

Is there any way to adjust the resolution on this game? I can play but the frame rates are... not so good. Is there any way to change settings because I would like to play but I can't seem to figure out how to do this. My GPU is very very very bad. 

I try to launch but get an error message, i've tried a few different things only to still get the error message. I love the designs of the characters though.

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It wasn't seperated. So I tried to seperate it, but it just compressed it. So I tried to open it a different way and it turned into Internet Explorer. Not even just one. I was alarmed. 

Hope this was some kind of weird fluke, but I am not going to mess with this anymore, this was 6 more Internet Explorers than I wanted. It looks really cool. I am so confused.

It put 6 Internet Explorer on my computer.