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I'd hate to come back to this a literal month afterwards but I dont think the problem Im having can be explained on this platform easily. Is there another way I can contact one of you to help me, im sure it would only take 2 mins for me to figure it out, dumping text doesnt leave much back and forth to be had, since I cant convey my problem directly.

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All I did was download the file onto my desktop, then extracted it into a folder also on my desktop called strive. From there theres so much in the folder I have no clue whats what except the .exe I use to run the game.

Edit: I ran the .bat and im now waiting for more instructions because this is honestly so confusing and convoluted, the way it was put made it seem much MUCH simpler than this "Put the mods in the mods folder then run the game and activate the mods" But the zip file doesnt have a mods folder so... ugh. I dont know how you expect me to get to this hidden folder so often to mod the game, its so out of the way and inconvenient. It takes me literally 4 minutes to find my way to the mods folder the bat file made

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I some how got it to run the bat file, now what do I do? the .exe is still on my desktop so its not going to see this file thats 1000 folders away, cus I already put the portrait mods and what not in it and the game couldnt find it :/

Edit: Im trying too, I really just want to enjoy this game but this is just so frustrating for me

I dont think you guys have the same Zip file folder I do when I download Strive, I dont know if the donator version is different but I saw how you guys have your files all formatted and mines totally different and super sloppy.

It obviously looks like modding isnt supported fully otherwise it wouldnt be this complex. When modding because less of a wild goose chase of file searching I'll get into it but this is just ridiculous, I just want to add some portraits so the game doesnt feel so bland.

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There is no %appdata%/strive because im downloading a zip file, and the zip file is on my desktop, theres nothing in that appdata folder related to strive, the only thing in my %appdata% folder is a Local file and in that Local file it goes to a Microsoft folder and theres nothing in the Microsoft folder. :/

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So I made it in the same place the .exe is for Strive, is that right? Wait, portaits and body mods dont go in this folder im making? Where do I put THOSE? I wish the directions were more fleshed out. Thank you for dealing with my incompetence. 

I just downloaded Strive for Power recently and I wanted to mod it to add portraits and whatnot, make it more lively but the Zip I extracted doesnt have a mods folder, and all Zips I download don't have a mods folder in them either, I was wondering how I would go about fixing this problem.