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Lol, my orthodontist also changed my slight fangs when I got braces :[ Still miss them a little

I really like the split screen! Interesting way to tell the story.

This was really interesting! I love the blend of twine and bitsy. It did take me a hot minute to figure out I could more around, but that was just a neat little revelation. Nice work!

I'm getting around to these late, but this one was short and sweet! I loved the city scenes. Nice work!

Wow, this was good. The last color change really took me aback. I really felt what was about to happen.

I finally got around to playing this and it was really lovely! Also, congrats on your first Bitsy!

The pixelart is really lovely. Cute writing too!

This was extremely cool. I love how short and minimal it is and the grimoire vibes. Short, sweet, and moody!

Nice little bit of animation you did there. 

RIP tiny astronaut :'(

Loved the whole aesthetic <3 The music you picked was also killer and EXTREMELY enhanced the experience. Nice job on everything!

I had zero business dying so many times to motionless bombs. Congratulations lol. Also, that's a cute little beat playing. Really brings out the cutesy side of the robots <|^-^|>

Woah! Really creative use of bitsy. It's a standout piece. Great work!

This sure was an experience. I loved the serious tone with the beginning that drops off with the crab reveal. All the mech stuff and moving bits were great too. Fun little piece about sad snail (?) soldiers. 

I've been playing through the old bitsy jams and I really have to say that this one is a clear standout. Truly amazing pixelwork. The writing is also nice and has a strong sense of style. A lovely experience <3

This was cute and adorably slightly silly. The pixelart was great and I love your color scheme. The mixture of libraries and mechs is weird and I appreciate it. I especially love that the mech likes Pooh <3

Oh wow, there was so much more to it than I was expecting. I really appreciate all the effort you put in and all the hacks you utilized. Super cute!

Everything that happened in that mech suit was really impressive! That whole last section was pretty cool. Nice work!

Only seeing this now, but this is really amazing for your first game! I appreciate the audio, it just makes the whole thing feel more whole. HUGE congrats for putting together this whole thing. Love your writing and pixelart btw, cute and funny and overall very entertaining.

Very nicely made! Your writing is always so good and everything really comes together super solidly. Love how it's all reflected in the audio-old, malfunctioning electronics that are more ambiance than background music.

Wow, this was extremely cool! Especially loved those drippy letters and the image switches. So well done^^

This is honestly the cutest thing <3 I want to live here t-t

Thank you! <3<3<3

Really liked the general mood this evokes.  The map also reads as quite expansive! I dunno how big it actually is, but I have to say congrats on fitting all these rooms together with aaaallll those doors ^^

The art direction is perfect and the transparent text boxes work excellently! The story is touching and I appreciate that you made your own song. Well done <3

This was excellently written. The whole premise is extremely my aesthetic and I simply adore it. <3 <3 <3

Cute little game! I appreciate how you incorporated all the major arcana.

I really appreciate all the different sets of dialog you wrote for this ^^

Ooooooh myyyy, this was so lovely! Beautiful writing, I really am impressed! The art and colors were also so nicely done and truly compliment the writing. I also hadn't heard of the poem and appreciate being shown it. Serious congratulations! Please have a great day

Super cool, getting this to work! I spent a hot minute trying to see just how many different endings you wrote. Nice work!

Your rooms where a creative way to convey the cards. I also appreciate how personal and honest you were in your writing. 

Wishing you the best <3

This is such an interesting story! I'm really looking forward to seeing how this all ends <3

Checked this out before playing the sequel, and I gotta say that this pretty awesome. Great writing, aesthetic, and interesting choice in the addition of the mini-game sections. This was well done!

E X T R E M E L Y   A E S T H E T I C

I loved this. The dialog, the music, the art, the setting. It all came together and made something really cute.


This came out great! I love all the different changes to the rooms in the different routes. Especially love those first rooms and the different sprites you used for each of the characters. You really put a lot of work into this and it really shows.!

Cosmic goblin tarot? Ultimate aesthetic. Amazed by how many cards there turned out be be. Loved it!

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I'm a year late, but the colors in this are so soft and pretty. Love the dreamy vibe and simplicity <3

Oh, checked if I could try going up and found all the extra stuff. cool!

This is so cool! Found it while looking through old bitsies. Really interesting  use of the medium

Love the  interface! Also really liked how it all got messed with throughout the playthroughs. Interested to see what else you make in the future!

Digging through old jam pieces, and this one stands out. Really like it! Confusing navigation that worked thematically, curious beings to talk to, and multiple endings. This really is a nice little game. Lovely work!