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Thank you!

That's the goal! Thank you ^^

Thank you! Was low on time and had to keep it simple

Haha, thank you!

Thanks for your sweet words!

I loved what you did with the screen and movement!

This was very pretty! Nicely put together

You did a great job building that blue room! So much so that I was afraid I'd get motion sickness (I was fine of course). Very nicely put together

Ooo, this was excellent! Great aesthetic, music choice, and microfiction. Nice work!

This was excellent. Nice work and story!

Nice work! The second figure's movement was nice/creepy and I appreciated the ending.

This is cool! Love the sound effects you used

Thank you!

This came out great! I adore your pixel art and the way you dealt with getting the codes and moving from place to place. Solid piece!

Congratulations! It's a monster!

Nice work on the atmosphere

Your style is excellent! Really lovely all around

Woah, nice work here!

Spectacular work! I love the vibes and seriously respect all the work you put into this.

Your pixel work is really great. Everything looks super cute!

I love your graphics and the general feel of this all. Super cute!

This feels warm, cozy, and super sweet <3

Haha, thanks! Hope you enjoyed <3

This is genuinely so beautiful. I don't know what else to say but I love it

Those visuals are really great. Really sets an interesting mood

Thank you!

Thanks for playing!

Wow, this was excellent. Really love the slow revelation.

This was beautiful!

This was excellently put together! Really amazing piece all around.

Oh, thank you for pointing that out! This was a lovely little game

This was really interesting! But is there no way to avoid your dark fate?

This was beautiful! I think I'm missing an ending though... I think I tried with all the masks, no masks, no fireflies, neither but I believe I've only see three endings. Is there a secret I'm missing or did I miss something more obvious?

This was really cool!

This was beautifully made!

Wow, wow, wow. This was so well done!!! Beautiful finale <3

Oh! Thank you, Jupiter! Hope you liked it. Please have a lovely day ^^

Beautiful :') I've always loved that giant moth <3

Just barely stumbled into the exit but glad I could find it! A lot of effort clearly went into this. Nice work!

I really liked this <3