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Thanks for playing!

Wow, this was excellent. Really love the slow revelation.

This was beautiful!

This was excellently put together! Really amazing piece all around.

Oh, thank you for pointing that out! This was a lovely little game

This was really interesting! But is there no way to avoid your dark fate?

This was beautiful! I think I'm missing an ending though... I think I tried with all the masks, no masks, no fireflies, neither but I believe I've only see three endings. Is there a secret I'm missing or did I miss something more obvious?

This was really cool!

This was beautifully made!

Wow, wow, wow. This was so well done!!! Beautiful finale <3

Oh! Thank you, Jupiter! Hope you liked it. Please have a lovely day ^^

Beautiful :') I've always loved that giant moth <3

Just barely stumbled into the exit but glad I could find it! A lot of effort clearly went into this. Nice work!

I really liked this <3

I love the interface!

I love the idea and appreciate the hacks you used!

Oof, I clicked on this thinking it would be a joke game but nope, just feels.

Nice work, dude!

This was cool!

This was super cute!

This was nice!

Love your sprites <3 Also, the music fit the mood very nicely.

Woah, this is really cool! I appreciate the choice to work with only two tones. It's so visually dense, I love it

Nice pixelwork and aesthetics!

This was interesting! I appreciate your pixel style, too

I clearly didn't really read the subtitle or description at first because the escape room took me by surprise, but it was a good surprise!

Super cute

I love the different aesthetics. Any hints for that easter egg??

This is adorable and your pixel art is lovely!

Oh wow, this is excellent. Visuals, text, music choice; nicely done.

WOW   (*TーT)b

Short and sweet. Feels cozy!

Dougathon and Jerrence are my favorite names now. Thank you for this blessed bitsy, it's amazing <3

This was short and great. Love the effect you made!

This was a lovely first bitsy! Your art is so detailed and the map was interesting to move around. I almost missed the last area but I'm glad I went back to check. Great work!

Omg, this is adorable. Your song is also really good! I also appreciate that your palette is a bit muted. It's soft on the eyes

Ooo, I like your color palette and music. Charming

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it ^^

Your pixelart is so charming. The writing is also adorable, of course. So soft

I love the honeycomb grid. It looks really cool. That screen transition was nice, too.

also  :'(

Lol, my orthodontist also changed my slight fangs when I got braces :[ Still miss them a little

I really like the split screen! Interesting way to tell the story.