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Thank you so much for updating so fast!

I'm loving them all, they're so perfect 😍 I yelled when I saw the Stardew Valley icon!

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Thank you so much for these! They're all stunning! I'm a big fan of your work ^^

Just FYI, the zip with the .ico files you uploaded here is the same as #1. It happens when you've got so many files!

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Thank you for leaving a message here and I'm so sorry your playthrough wasn't an enjoyable one.

Although I wanted to create a confusing and dark story, my intention on that specific wording wasn't about force or coertion. I know there's no question there to emphasize there's a choice but I wanted to have an ominous/otherworldly voice offering you an opportunity that has real meaning once you find your new form (by yourself). The idea was for the embodiment of the cities to awaken something that was already inside you (just like when people may change their behaviour or point of view organically when being in the presence of certain people or events without realizing it), and that's what I tried to clarify over the last lines, where your character feels more at ease with themselves and not so confused.

I'm adding a content warning for this ("some of the events your character experiences may feel they temporally lack free will"), because your interpretation is totally valid. If you feel the content warnings should include something else or they should be phrased differently, feel free to reply.

And once again, I'm sorry about your unpleasant experience with my text. I hope you're okay :heart: 

That's one of the best compliments I've ever recieved, thank you so much for leaving a comment. 

I'm hyping you up to make your own! You can do it and it'll be great! * insert here a cheerleader montage *

I could feel my heart melting with 🥰emotions😳 while reading your comment. Thank you so much for such kind and heartfelt words. I'm treasuring every bit of them not only because you're one of the most wholesome and beautiful people I know, but also because your work as an artist (of the word, not only in your games!) reaches to my soul and speaks to me on every possible level.

This game definitely was made with a lot of love, nurtured by the people that were there with me during the process of pondering, writing and making it... And a great part of that love comes back to you :)

Thank you for your encouraging words, brainstorming help and sharing your enthusiasm about fungi and art and words and cute interesting things with me. This game wouldn't be the same (would it even be?) without you ❤️


Felicitaciones por tu primera publicación. Muy genial el juego y el diseño ❤️

Featured on InThe News:

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Featured on Sesión Cero Bundle and its review on the podcast (ES)!

Pequeña review por Sesión Cero Podcast, en español:

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Featured on Sesión Cero Bundle and its review on the podcast (ES)!

Pequeña review por Sesión Cero Podcast, en español:

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Featured on Sesión Cero Bundle and its review on the podcast (ES)!

Pequeña review por Sesión Cero Podcast, en español:

Will do, haha! 💜

And while I'm admiring how you made such an impeccable work with a tired brain (I could never), I hope you have some nice quality night rest and take care! It's always a pleasure to read your games and zines 😄

I'm adding this on another comment so you can delete it if you want to, as it may relate to things you already edited:

-While reading the document I struggled understanding how to divide the deck into Daytime and Nocturne piles, but when I re-read your description on the itch page (under REQUIRES) it was crystal clear!

-The text below No-Fungus-no-Fun? prompts repeats the condition of the other type of prompts (Use one of these prompts when at least one of the family cards drawn is infected). It's still understandable because the document clearly explains when to answer each type of prompt under Drawing cards.

This doesn't looks like an alpha, this is so neat! I'm so in love with your game 🍄❤️

This is beautiful. Every stage (the introduction, every chapter and the prompts) adds depth to the atmosphere and evocates a precise moment and mood for you to write about.

I love the concept of reutilizing a game as another with whole new mechanics and vibes, as I have been playing around the idea of making a narrative game using Quirkle. I didn't know about 7-Families before and you're making such a good use of the categories the card game already has that it blew my mind!

Rest assured your explanation is clear as I understood what to do at every step. I'll be definitely playing it soon.

Oh, thank you so much! ^^

If you do play it and want to share your feedback, it'll be appreciated! And if you prefer to wait for the (hopefully more aesthetically pleasing) final version, I should have it in a month or less as I want it done before the Scissors and Glue Jam ends.

Have a nice day!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for your lovely comment! ^^

Thank you so much for playing it! It means a lot to me that you got the time and energy to follow along this ride.

I'm sending both you and Octaria a big long distance hug ❤️

Yay! I'm glad it worked.

Enjoy it! 💜🥰

Oh, I'm sorry. Try again now, I tested it and it should work correctly!

Qué colectivo más noble el 152! 💜

Hi! I wanted to share how I open any 32-bit Windows-based (95/98/NT/ME) software on Windows 7 or newer (64-bit), just in case you wanted to experience using an old program.

🔹 First, you'll need to download an ISO file with the installer (the CD-Rom) of the software you want. I recommend downloading them from the Internet Archive ( or WinWorldPC. Just google "[name of the program] + archive" and you'll probably find it. 

🔹 Mount the ISO (double click on the file should do the trick). 

🔹 Download the last version of this program:

🔹 Unzip the file and double-click on otvdmw.exe.

🔹 It'll ask you to open a file, so open the mounted CD and double-click the installer file (its name should be SETUP.exe, Installer.exe or something similar to that). 

🔹 When it finishes installing, open otvdmw.exe once again but now you have to look for the executable file for the program itself. It should be on the folder you selected during the setup and its name should be the name of the program.


If when you select the files to open with otvdmw it doesn't work:

-Right-click on the file you want to open. 

-Go to the Compatibility tab.

-Activate "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select Windows 95 or 98 depending on the OS the program you downloads is expected to work on.

-I suggest activating the Reduced color mode and selecting 16-bit for a more immersive experience and activating "Run this program as an administrator". 



Otvdmw is a Windows 32-bit emulator based on Wine (the Windows emulator usually used on Linux), but for Windows.

Windows 7 and newer versions have a compatibility mode for older software (what I've explained on the Notes), but if you're using a 64-bit versión it won't work. And that's why you need an emulator like otvdmw to make it work.


I hope this guide helps you! Don't hesitate to ask for further information if something's not clear enough. 

Happy designing 🥰

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These two artifacts flawlessly emulate the vibes and stylization from early 1990s magazines about extraterrestrial beings and paranormal cases I read when I was a child.

Such a great and chilling work! ❤