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I loved this game because it exemplifies how we can turn negative  statements about ourselves into positive statements that are better for our overall mental health.  It showcases the harmful statements that are frequently made in reality due to fat phobia, misogyny, body shaming, and more. It delves into deep subjects that may be triggering for some (I loved the inclusion of the content warning), but I feel that these are important subjects for discussion. We must address and curtail this negativity and shaming. I love the concept behind this game!

This game was really fun to play! I love that it had a deeper message about transphobia. It reminded me of pacman with the thrill factor of trying to navigate this maze without running into one of the red figures. The ever-changing maze showcased the tumultuous nature of navigating a world that is so ridden with transphobia. I like the contrast of the colorful figures against the background! 10/10 :)

I felt the game had really great attention to detail throughout the nursing home. The characters were all unique and different in style, personality, and friendliness. The game did a great job of showcasing the difficulty elderly people face in finding love at the end of their life. The only limitation I faced was the size of the premises, but I feel this confined space was reflective of the reality elderly face. They must try to find love within the restricted and limiting confines of the nursing home. Overall, I really enjoyed the game!

I really enjoyed this game! It had elements of thrill through the uncertainty of when you will complete it and the numerous differently styled mazes. I really liked the bright colors utilized through each level. In terms of the deeper meaning of the game, I felt it had a very powerful message. It is disheartening and honestly deeply disturbing that trans people have to encounter this. It is a deep state of anxiety that I would not wish upon anyone. This is a very nicely styled game with a very deep meaning. Thank you for sharing!