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this was a joy to play, thank you for making the game :D

aaaaaaaaaaaa my childhood! thank you so much for making this game! now, time to find the nearest gacha machine irl....

tHe TitLe iS a LiE!!!!

hahaha jokes aside this is really cute! you did a great job <3

aaaaa i love it! thanks for making this game, it's so cute. I love my pesky chickens

The art is lovely, the idea is lovely. I can't wait to see the final game :D

I love butterflies! Thank you for making this.

This is very cute! I love it!

Thank you for sharing, dev! 

I feel really calm when playing this game, and it's very cute. Thank you for making my quarantine better, though I'm sure I'll keep coming back to this even after this whole thing haha

Thank you very much, hope you're safe :D

i loved it aaaaa 

This game is really good! I actually got scared...

I love it!