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That is what I call a masterpiece :D 

Thank you!

Not bad... I would use it for as a screensaver... But who is still using those these days?

But for the programming and such, not bad at all. Keep on learning the good stuff, looking forward to future projects of yours!

Fair enough.
Good luck in further development!

Another noise to enjoy or click away fast :)


Great game and I show balls by admitting I failed a few times because I was learning the game. Also not gonna spoil tactics for other players who want to try out your game.

Two thumbs up, this is a masterpiece! Thanks for that!

How does it work?

Not the right place to promote yourself by gaining views for your video Andrei. I would rather see footage of Laika itself but not from another game. Hope that your message will be deleted soon.

It is for windows... Maybe 64 days it wasn't...

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Interesting game, too bad, once you have died, you need to restart the game because all the buttons are stuck. Or the "E" or the "Q" button stay on the screen or you just can't move at all.

Would like to know what is what.

This guy gets too fast hungry and thirsty.

Maybe this game is not meant to play relaxed, but fast. Then this is not my type of game. But overall, looks cool and everything works (for what I know what does what or what is what)

I don't understand the controls why it's not just WASD - I don't play games like that. One developer did that too, with Q its forward, P is going backwards, Z was going left and M was going right... How to troll the gamer...
I am eager to play it, but not like this, sorry.

There are just a few glitches that need some work on, like at certain points (corners in rooms) that give a massive memory leak or lagg but it's gone when you make one step into the other direction, a drawer from a desk that you can pull through the room while it floats and a chest which says it's locked, but still animates it getting opened (you can't take the stuff out, but that animation should not be there)...

And there should be a button when you press ESC that you can see the controls again. Some people hardly look at the controls in the beginning and forget how to switch the batteries from their flashlight in order to make it work again.

And I hope that the save game option will not be like that you can save at any moment but that you can save only once per checkpoint. So you have the power to save at any point within that chapter, but only once. You enter the next chapter? Again, you get one savepoint granted.
Because otherwise every game becomes easy, how hard the gameplay might be, being able to save at any moment, would make it too easy.
"oh he is not seeing me [SAVE GAME] and I do another step and he still didnt see me [SAVE GAME] oh shit he saw me when I took a step to the right [LOAD GAME] okay okay I am now doing a step to the left, yeay he didn't see me" [SAVE GAME] - catch my drift?

And yeah well, even though you used the audio recordings of Amnesia, in your game the sounds are just right. More suitable. Works better then in Amnesia.  But yeah, making your own sounds might be tricky, because the sounds are very important. If it sounds too childish or rediculous, even with awesome graphics that game would flop anyways.

I hope this message is of any help to you?
Looking forward to the next update! Take care!

This game is absolutely amazing, could be another "gem" amongst the category, really enjoyed it. The Atmosphere and everything involving to it (even no spelling mistakes in the story) reveals a quality product. Only hoping that in the end I don't become followed by a "slenderman" type of a monster, but that is all up to the developer what he/she wants to do with it.
 I love First Person roaming games with fluid transitions, unexpected things happening around you, the anxiety building up but knowing it's only a game... 

Played the game during my ocassionally #FreakyFriday where I play random indie games and this one definately caught my eye.

Thank you Developer!

Okay, I have some problems with starting the game. So when I am at the start menu with the beautiful music, the moment I want to click on the start button, well first of all: I don't see my mouse and when I am out of the game, like on my second screen, suddenly the start button flickers. Any ideas? BTW I am jealous of the peepz who actually could experience this game without troubles. :)

Oh yeah, day/night cycles and those storms would be a very nice addition indeed. And maybe a bloodmoon of some sort, to prepare yourself for it, that on bloodmoon everything turns red (due of the moon), the water is like blood and the shark population has 3 or 4. And some birds flying around when you are close to an island so you know which direction you should build towards.