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Which engine did you used(I mean it's great, so did you use unity with a custom shader or another engine? or did you making it from scratch with c++)

great game (Which Engine u use?)

awesome game was it really made in godot? 

Awsome game love it and hate it at same time it reminded me of me playing mega man for the first time! great job

which engine you use BTW The games was beautiful i like mixture of pixelart and 3d it was giving a cool effect 

it also remind me of megaman.

 5 star

which engine you use? 

BTW Very Cool ^_^

hey in trailer it said that this is made in renpy so why add sdl in made with tag?

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which engine did you use?. 

just out of curious :) 

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which engine do you use?

BTW like the game. keep it up

Thanks for reply

question: which game engine do you use?

by the way the was game Beautiful