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A nice little game. Wished it would be a bit longer but with a 24h timeframe this is insanely good!

Video is in german, you have been warned :D

Your game is like a Blast from the Past :D
I really like it!

Video is in GERMAN!

Hope it helps even a little bit

No need to apologise, it's still in Alpha after all :)

Ofc I'm going to play it again!

Sadly the game crashed after I got the first Key and was smashing the boxes behind the Zombie-Princeses cage.

Hope that helps somehow :)

When you're in for just spikes and platforming but then the plot twist hits you.

Great game! Camera is a bit wonky at times. Video is in german ;)

Sure thing, here it is :)
I hope everyone knows german^^

I'm pretty much speechless.

All I can say is: How much for you to make more levels?

I only have a smal german YT-Channel, but damn I'm presenting that to them tomorrow!


I really love this game!

I have just one problem, when the Witch gets me while I'm in this basket the game freezes and the music stops completly. No input is accepted but the surrounting animations continue

I play with fullscreen Windows 10 64Bit.

Hope this information helps! :D