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The app is the launcher but I got it to work. Thank you!

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Does anyone know what's wrong here, I downloaded the game for mac and I opened the Escaped Chasm folder I pressed game (I assume this is what your supposed to press) and I get a message saying "The application "Game" can't be opened." I would really like to play this game so I hope people know how to fix this. Thanks!

EDIT: I got it to work via the launcher

Hello everyone!

I haven't made a devlog in a while and 99% of people who see this will be wondering "who's this guy?" but I would like to say I am making a Discord Bot! It's called Nurse Bot and just has a couple of commands that other bots tend to have. BUT my favorite part of the bot is the suggest feature. You can do /suggest from any server and I will receive a command suggestion! I plan to add most of these commands unless they are disliked by the community (we have an upvote/downvote system) or they are just hands down stupid. The bot will be available to add to your server on Friday, May 1st. Come join our Discord and suggest some commands in the meantime! I hope you try out my bot and thank you for reading this. Hope everyone is doing okay and staying home during this pandemic.

Link to Nurse Bot support server:

Link to Nurse Bot website:

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My friend made me a discord heres a link!


Thanks for your feedback! Can you please tell me what you did and didn't enjoy?

Thank you for your feedback! There is No Game was actually a huge inspiration for this game! Thank you for playing.

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Thanks for your feedback! I am trying to think of a way to hint towards the anwser because everyone who has told me about it so far has had a hard time solving that puzzle. Please tell me if you think of a way that would still make that the hardest puzzle but helps.

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I am working to patch that as of right now try reloading the page and playing it again if the problem continues please report it as a bug.  Also you might not understand the puzzle (That puzzle is pretty hard) look at the tutorial I posted if it still doesn't work. Thanks for your feedback!

I Hate This Game community · Created a new topic Tutorial

Tutorial of how to beat the whole game.

Puzzle One:

Don't Press The Button


Look around the upper left corner until you find a white button. Press it.


Puzzle Two:

Black Screen


Press the screen.


Puzzle Three

This Game is Terrible


Press Terrible 7 times until it falls.


Puzzle Five:

This Game is Great


Type out great.

/!\ WARNING /!\

If you try this last one and it doesn't work try reloading the page 

If the problem continues post the issue on the bugs page on the main page for I Hate This Game.


I Hate This Game community · Created a new topic Bugs

Please report ANY bugs you find here

Please make a Mac version I played this on my Windows computer and it is probably the best game on itch  but I would much rather use my Mac.