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The game itself is not bad, but at least you should have put a tutorial....

p.s And yeah, "W" button for the jump... Y u do dis? :(

>"You may only make your game within the time frame"


God, this isn't even a sandbox - this is just random 2 scenes with planet models. I'm not sure that this is a game, more like testing project...

Thank you for your comment, in post-jam version I will include more visible spikes and more levels! Hope you like this game!

Yeah it was kind of Geometry Dash and Limbo combined into some kind of "blindfull journey". Thank for you comment, great to hear that kind of warm words :D


Thanks <3

It lags, to be honest, maybe you should take care of resolution of trees. But concept about slenderman-like game is interesting...

wow, that's a lot for a 3 days. Good job! *hope I can finish my game to deadline too ;)*

Really nice! How much levels are in this game? Anyway really nice artwork and gameplay features!

I think you must add VR in the title of game. I was thinking at first time that this game doesn't work....