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Yeah my apologies I wrote a lot but I figured this might be useful information that can help in the long run. It has a good chance of working for Mac but I wouldn't get my hopes up. I had moderate success with MV but it can be quite unpredictable, just cross your fingers that they'll try and see if the build works. Also for reference I have a MacBook Air (2017)

So I've done a bit of trials on different available RPG Maker games, some ran exceptionally well others a simple code allowed me to play with a few errors here and there. The main issue is I don't know which RPG Maker some of these games used so it's been a big guessing game. Grove worked well but that isn't MV so scratch that out. 

Hachienden is one im not sure of which maker it uses but after putting a code into terminal it works great minus random black screens but luckily its only at the opening scene of the game so once you past that it's smooth sailing... seems to happen when you try to rush past the dialogue. UPDATE: Did a little research while typing this and apparently this game was made in MV as stated by the creator and it was already a completed game that is now just going through English translation similar to "Management". Of course this doesn't mean the Mac export will work since these two games don't share the same procedure but perhaps some slight faith.

Now After Years, is one that is made with MV and I have trouble with it. It gives me the same prompt I get when I first try to open "Hachienden" so naturally I used the code. Problem was, the code had a hard to understanding the folder name as it used things such as " ( " or the update number, in my current case 0.18. So I renamed the file to the title of the game and retried the code and it worked! but now it just crashes as soon as I open the game... it looks like the code can't recognize spaces within the folders name. Both Grove and Hachienden folders were just the game name I believe so I didn't have to rename the folder, but I'm not sure if it's because I changed the folder name that this specific game isn't working. I'll keep trying but I don't have much hope...

From what I learned, play from the beginning and you can't pick Ray or Sam. After that the school update should start

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Ahh gotcha, glad you got the next part of the village but sad that Gunnar heart hasn't appeared. I would have to try for myself to see if I could find it so I can give you an absolute answer. The only thing left that I can think of is the battle you have with him and how it ends, you can also repeat the battle later on if you meet him at the river bank. Maybe repeating the best action in the fight may increase his like just like how doing the bad one will decrease his like. It's the best I can think of at the moment and I'm not sure if I can change my liking with him to check this theory out.

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Ok, I'll start with Iron Blood Village because that's what I know more about. If it's the first time you've reached the village then you can make your way to the main tent and do Orgram's Challenges. I'm assuming you're playing the public update, 0.37, so I won't say anything about the next update but that will have more content in regards to Iron Blood Village. You can also check out the animal tamer in the village and help him out with his stuff and that should give you access to roam around the village if you haven't already figured it out.

For Gunnar, I'll be honest... I haven't done his good heart route yet as I'm lazy and haven't developed my bottom route yet. Yeah getting a black heart is easy and you can reach -60 like if you repeat the action... let's see what that brings me in the future lmao. I know he has interactions in the Fair, where you can have more "fun". Also there is content if you finished the living aspect for Bernard, basically you make more houses in Bareshade and one of those houses will belong to Torben, the merchant that Gunnar works with. From there, depending on your relationship, you can do tasks for him I believe and that may be how you gain the heart. Hopefully this helps!

Edit: I also found he has moments in Northcrest in the public bath at the inn or roaming the streets (day) in Northcrest on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Just trying to find as many encounters as I can that may not be obvious.

You know this idea is not unrealistic, especially with the Tank update that was added. Depending how you ended the battle with Tank determines his position when you ask him for sex. So I could see this happening with Roushk and love the idea.

 Also side note, there was a moment in time in past updates where you could ask Roushk about being locked up. Before you take him to the tribe you have the chance to lock him up and use him as long as you like then take him back to tribe to heal him. I never got to that part before it was removed so I don't know what he says entirely but I can see this being another basis for your idea. It would just mean that it's more restricted to people who put Roushk in prison rather than how the battle ended.

Well good news, in 0.38 you can now set Tank behavior by giving him potions so hopefully that may fix your issue and you get the see the various scenes for Tank. You need Dominant and/or Submissive potions along with a Top or Bottom potion, with that you can change his position when you talk with him. All combinations are available minus the Dominant Bottom, that hasn't been written yet.

Then the only thing I can think of is that you don’t have the 0.37 update. As that is the update for the Tank variant scene. The best way to tell is to see what is shown on the title screen. Should be big and bold but in case you don’t see it, 0.36 should have Logan on the main title screen while 0.37 should have Caleb.

So that depends on the version you're playing. If you're playing the public version, you'll have to wait for the next update as that is currently Patreon exclusive. It should be out in the next couple of days (1-2 days). If you have the same update as your friend, make sure that the way you defeated Tank is by using the tease option in battle. The position he ends up in is the position he will be during the scene. If you beat him with attacks then sadly this will be locked and you'll have to start another game, which isn't actually that bad.

If you haven't found it yet, White berries can be found in the Forest Path, not the regular Forest. You can find the loot of each place if you hover over it on the map.

Well I do agree that there were points where the story felt like it was dragging on and can understand not liking furries, but as an overall story it was actually quite nice. I started out with "coming out on top" and tried to find more visual novels of that aspect but the majority of visual novels that you find have some furry element. At that point, I just grew use to seeing furry related content even though I'm never really trying to look for it. Just trying to find some good story telling and I think this visual novel did quite alright. As for the age thing... uh I would think this a bit of an exaggeration, while I don't doubt there are members of that age, I wouldn't say half of the community is of that age. At the end of the day this is a piece of writing and everything we have stated in regards to the writing is opinionated. And yes I am aware you stated you didn't enjoy this visual novel for it's writing and not cause of the furry aspect of it all. It just hypocritical to say it's your opinion that the vn is shit and then say how can anyone find this good... just like your statement it's an opinion.

Ahh I see and yes I finally manage to unlock his route, it seems I miss the interaction on the very first day lol. I did miss a scene or two so ill be sure to go back when I get back to it. Thank you for help!

So I've been trying this for a while now as well, even made notes of when Kevin appears to not waste time on certain days. I have all of the locations you mentioned and done all blunt answers along with the fixing car and the prank thing. I have yet to unlock his route... the only thing I see in your post that I don't know about is the "comfort room". Would you mind telling me where that is because I swore I went through this map and never found such a room. Unless I have it under a different name in my notes, also my notes only go up to day 18 since that's when the first scene should start but I never unlocked it so I always restart.

you and me both buddy, just gotta keep praying T_T

Patreon is definitely on the weirder side of things when it comes to  itch but to sum this up shortly, this whole thing seemed to just be one big miscommunication. I was just trying to give insight as to why the first guy said what he said, to me it didn't feel like the guy was saying anything negative just how he viewed the situation. However to you it did seem negative hence you defending the developer, which I can totally see why you would do so. As for me buying the game for 5 vs becoming a Patreon for 4. That's the type of person I am, but that doesn't mean the other guy is okay with that, I stated this before I would gladly become a Patreon but Lust doesn't have a Mac version as of yet and I already own UncommonBreed so I would essentially be doing it for nothing at the moment. The pictures shown in the page for UncommonBreed was enough for ME to want to buy it but I could totally see why someone else wouldn't do such things, hence me "defending" the other people. My apologies if it seemed that way but it definitely was not my intention, hopefully this post explains this whole ordeal. (Also about the account, fair enough all I know is that recently the developer removed the demo for UncommonBreed so that's why I also assumed you were new).

1. Well this first part just goes down the drain because there is such a system like that. I can also give examples, "Extracurricular Activities" by DyneWulf and "Lustful Desires" by Hyao. They have it set on their Patreon that once you click the link within the post it will ask to link your itch and Patreon together and it will check if you are a Patreon of that person in order to gain access to the page. If a developer doesn't want to do that, they can make a separate page similar to how  creator Ryu, "DeadbyDating", made a separate page for his early access and had a whole system where you had a password sent to your email. 

2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with promoting ones Patreon page, hell I say go ahead and advertise that shit like crazy especially if you are a serious content creator that wants to grow. So I wasn't stating that advertising is shady but rather stating, in order to just simply try a game I must buy it first. The good thing is based on their Patreon description once the game is completed you gain access to the full game. Problem is what purpose do I have to become a Patreon if I have nothing to base this on... a game that I took a slight interest in and may not like, that's just money wasted if I don't like it. In order to see if I would actually enjoy it and support the creator I must buy it first, that's what I was referencing as shady. Maybe you're right and shady may have been too harsh of a word but you can't lie and say that's not a little off putting.

3. And finally, yes I OWN UncommonBreed from FoxBytez I know they are an established developer. I am gonna assume here that you're either new or never realized this. The only other game I am aware of from FoxBytez is Uncommon Breed, please do correct me if I'm wrong. That game originally did have a demo for both Windows and Android I believe. How do I know this? Because it's the reason why I bought the game in the first place, there was no Mac demo at all. I recall being confused about this but didn't care all that much. So I then saw I could buy the game for 5 dollars or become a Patreon for 4 dollars a month. The game still gets updated monthly, I just don't get all the additional benefits Patreon members also receive along with the game. It was my first game from FoxBytez so I decided I'm better off just buying the game and if I enjoy the updates they do I'll eventually become a Patreon and support them. So there is a difference despite you claiming there is none.

FoxBytez is definitely a hard working and deserving developer. You can tell they put a lot of effort into both UncommonBreed and especially Lust. I feel like the first guy may have just put you in a sour mood, but I definitely haven't said anything negative about them as a creator, minus the possible harsh wording of using shady.

Well yes developers should 100 percent get paid for their work but it's probably just a question of why is this here. There is no demo to test if someone wants to actually pay for this game and become a Patreon. As a consumer, you at least want to get an idea around gameplay or a portion of the plot. 

I am aware this is in it's Alpha stage but considering this Alpha stage is for Patreon members only, would it have not been better for the developer to just go and make a Patreon exclusive page for the alpha version. As many other games on this site have members who are Patreon exclusive, so they create a separate page for them. If it had to do with promoting the game then you release a demo for the game to ensure people would like to enter the alpha version and own the game. I wanna say that I think they'll release a demo version sometime after the alpha stage is completed but I'm not sure. I would personally become a Patreon and try it out if I had a windows laptop but I have a Mac so I'm a bit out of luck here.  

Regardless it seems people who do play the game enjoy it and its very evident that the creators put a lot of time into this game, so I'm just gonna keep praying a Mac version comes through eventually... but you can't be upset at people who find this a bit shady. Even just putting Alpha version in the title could help lower the negative comments that have been surfing up.

No, if you go to the top of this page it should say "You Own This Uncommon Breed" and below that it should have a button that says download. From there it should take you to download page which the last update was 4 days ago. Usually this game updates at the end of the month or the beginning if running behind. 

Only sad thing is that the patch notes aren't updated here on itch and the twitter I believe was deleted so I usually go in blind now not knowing what was updated.

Ahh my apologies I thought I wrote that down too lol, usually doing the corrupted versions for helping the tribe, for example giving a lust potion to the acolyte when she wants to enter the temple and when you meet Rhot in the swamp and he asks for a BJ, say yes. Also I believe during the fight against the lizard warrior if you raise their lust meter high enough, to the point  where they expose their cocks, and then submit it should raise the lust for the lizard tribe (you may have to do this multiple times just to raise it by 1 but it should work I think). Essentially anytime you try to calm down various members of the tribe libido just go for the corrupted side of things. So have lust potions and corrupted health potions I believe on hand and provoke sexual encounters. 

I believe the biggest things are to make sure you lie to Othra about the lake and what to do with it. Also make sure the lizard tribe and acolytes lust is above 10, you can check their lust via the map when you hover over the ruins  ( I can't recall if you need to go to the ruins first then hover the ruins location or if you can just check without having to go so just try both options). 

Once you do that you can go back to the ruins during the night time I believe and fight Rhot. using reptile lures you can bring him back home. You can also bring back Roushk in this ending as well

I believe the April 16th no update refers to the Patreon schedule, so the public will get an update tomorrow while Patreon won't. That's because Dyne is focusing this month to get Richard's route up and running. So May 16th the public build, I'm assuming, won't have an update but June 16th should be the much anticipated route of Richard's.

So this should be the first part within the terminal app. copy this part exactly the same as you see here. 

The final part of the code requires you to copy the file pathname. To do so, you go to the file of the game. which on Mac should "29mac", and right click the file and this should pop up. You want to pay attention to the section that says copy.

When this pops up, hold the option key on your keyboard and this should appear.

click on copy "29mac" as Pathname and from there paste it on the code after the 755. It should then ask you to type the password to your Mac and that should be it. Make sure you don't mess up the password as it doesn't show as you type it in terminal so it's quite easy to mess it up by accident.

So there is this code I use that usually works for when I see this pop up (the permission pop up not the error sadly). If you go to terminal type this "sudo chmod -R 755 Path to the app/file". For the path part just right click the main file, aka the file that holds the game inside, and hold the option key, from there where you usually see the copy command, it should say copy... as Pathname. After doing that just paste the pathname and click enter. It should then ask you to enter the password you use to enter your Mac and once you do that click enter again. And boom the game should now run, I would say this always work but I just recently tried it again on a different game but it didn't work, however this game did work for me when I did this. So hopefully this helps you guys to play this game 

Side note: don't copy the part of path to app/file that should be replaced by the pathname you copy.  Otherwise copy the part before that.

Well to answer some things For 1. Dyne asked on Patreon or twitter I believe and most people answered that they didn't want bad endings or at least if it is a bad ending let it make sense. I could be wrong but you can think of it as the "bad" ending is not actually bad just not the best outcome. For 4 and 6, Maria can not be romanced as the mc is gay and so is the focus of the Visual novel I think. As for Richard and Maria love story its not the focus of the novel so it may just appear from time to time in characters routes. Dyne also stated that just because a route has finished doesn't mean the character is, he may make little shorts or whatever he may plan. Like he can make a little short where you go on a double date with one of the romanced options and the other couple would be Maria and Richard, but im really unsure. So far the only route done is Harold/Coach Grifter/Papa Bear.

If you check on his Patreon, I think it was said someone made an Fan made Android Build and that person had to change some of the UI to make it work. I just don't know when it might be made available

Well as of right now, the difference from the public build and the Patreon version is there are four guys instead of just two and the first two have two scenes instead of one. Currently he is working on Septembers update, he does has plans to update the public version possibly in September or October 

I believe for Tylos and Ronch it is already set that the M/C is top but the creator did say in the future there will be people that you can chose whether to top or bottom. Whether he is going to make that a choice with Tylos and/or Ronch, I don't think he has it planned. Or maybe v1.4 has Tylos top I haven't tried it yet lol.

Ok am I dumb or has the update always been a number ahead. As on the main page it says 6.2 while the development log goes up to 6.1