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Vanguarda Games

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Aaaand I just realized I answered that with my main account

Well, that's me, Cosmic Anemone, main dev for Vanguarda Games ^^

(there's more people in the team, but I'm the only currently active one)

Good to know my work is coming through ^^

As for multi-select, it has been implemented. Try selecting a node, then shift-(left)clicking others. You can then move all of them by dragging the first one (dragging one of the latter selections just selects it instead)

I feel it's still kinda weird, and not crazy useful, but it's there.

Neat ^^
I'll probably post there for the next few updates, then switch to a dedicated thread once the game is stable-ish and I start focusing on content.

Ok, pressing help in-game does crash the game. And the in-game menu is doing some real weird stuff (it seems it starts with the help spawned, then you have to dismiss it)

Either way, bad stuff, probably a silly mistake, I'll see if I upload a fix with the next update (which should be tomorrow if all goes well)