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I read that its between book 3 & 4 but it's not canon. I played all the routs & think it could be canon for everyone but A.

Will there be a dark option available in an update? Unfortunately I have eye issues with bright themes馃槶

Thank you for the info!!!!

Wow! Will this be on steam? My cards for payment only work in steam馃槶

Me too! This is so well done, I am very taken a back by that

Ohhh ok! The Zillah's romance update was amazing! Thank you!

Whats the update? the next ep? 馃憖 

oh I'm so sorry! I thought it was ok because below some wrote it as well. Sorry again & no problem.  And thank you sooo much for the link!!! I looked everywhere & I guess just missed it on Tumblr. It worked, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

the game is absolutely amazing, but I have problems with the questions 馃槶 the "how & when" does nothing. (I tried everything & the hint page aswell) Could anyone help please?

The only thing I can say is....

馃槱 馃幎 

Do you by any chance know what song this is?馃槶 I need it as well but in YouTube 馃枻

OMG This was so exciting & just beautifully dark! I cannot wait for moooooore 馃枻馃敧

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this was 馃憣 as one of the masochists here romancing Rahim & Zillah ...imtotallyfine

ohhh ok馃様

Is it a new chapter?

Possibly, he does show a lot of sadness in this ch8 (I really hope so)! I am really intrigued who it is and if we will find him....alive 馃槼 

Oh damn a cliffhanger again!!! 馃槶 you cannot do this! But it was awesome, loved all the paths and options & moments with all the ROs 馃枻 馃寶 

He is! buuuut I still feel like we cannot trust him 馃 

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Oh I thought that I didn't get something and I see 4 more people(that upvoted 馃槢) thought you got the secret to the password protection 馃榿 but its up yay!

Good morning!!! And THANK YOUUUU! 馃枻 

What did you get? I didn't!

Oh! Got it, Thank you!)

Shouldn't chapter 8 be out today? Ive been waiting soooo looooong for it 馃枻 but it's still password protected

OMG!!! So glad to continue this amazing story and to be back with the community here and see all the amazing comments! 馃枻 

Really enjoyed the story, the characters and the world! I like the writing style, and the way the scenes are set. I agree that the pacing is more fast (maybe more dynamic is a better word), but I didn't get a feeling of "what, when, where" So in my opinion the author did a great job of moving forward, without cutting corners, or jumping through scenes, it felt easy & organic to follow the story. Soooo love the concept, the charecters and the first romance paths and really cannot wait for more! 馃 馃枻 

This was so amazing! I just can't get enough! 馃枻 馃憫 

Love the updated visuals of the page! Really beautiful, elegant and royal!

This is so great! Finally a story with adult themes and amazing writing. I really love it and cannot wait for moooooore 馃枻 

OMG! I cannot wait to continue this amazing story! I missed all the characters so much 馃枻 

God! It's so intriguing! I cannot wait for more, the more information we get the more questions I have馃枻

OMG!!! this is the best news! 馃枻 

Damn it's so good! Honestly there's not enough spy IFs, loved the writing and the dialogue between the characters, that cliffhanger though!!! I can't wait for more! 馃枻 

OMG! I feel dumb馃槄 that I did not see it, although I had a though about the names being unique. Thank you for bringing it up!

I know 馃槩 it's so sad because the story is amazing, and the writing 馃枻 I really hope The author is doing alright.

This is so amazing! The story is so unique & gripping, the way you set the scene, the feeling, the MCs inner monologue & characters are so great. I really cannot wait for more! 馃枻 

no THANK YOU for creating this!馃枻 

OMG I cannot wait! 馃枻