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this was 馃憣 as one of the masochists here romancing Rahim & Zillah ...imtotallyfine

ohhh ok馃様

Is it a new chapter?

Possibly, he does show a lot of sadness in this ch8 (I really hope so)! I am really intrigued who it is and if we will find him....alive 馃槼 

Oh damn a cliffhanger again!!! 馃槶 you cannot do this! But it was awesome, loved all the paths and options & moments with all the ROs 馃枻 馃寶 

He is! buuuut I still feel like we cannot trust him 馃 

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Oh I thought that I didn't get something and I see 4 more people(that upvoted 馃槢) thought you got the secret to the password protection 馃榿 but its up yay!

Good morning!!! And THANK YOUUUU! 馃枻 

What did you get? I didn't!

Oh! Got it, Thank you!)

Shouldn't chapter 8 be out today? Ive been waiting soooo looooong for it 馃枻 but it's still password protected

OMG!!! So glad to continue this amazing story and to be back with the community here and see all the amazing comments! 馃枻 

Really enjoyed the story, the characters and the world! I like the writing style, and the way the scenes are set. I agree that the pacing is more fast (maybe more dynamic is a better word), but I didn't get a feeling of "what, when, where" So in my opinion the author did a great job of moving forward, without cutting corners, or jumping through scenes, it felt easy & organic to follow the story. Soooo love the concept, the charecters and the first romance paths and really cannot wait for more! 馃 馃枻 

This was so amazing! I just can't get enough! 馃枻 馃憫 

Love the updated visuals of the page! Really beautiful, elegant and royal!

This is so great! Finally a story with adult themes and amazing writing. I really love it and cannot wait for moooooore 馃枻 

OMG! I cannot wait to continue this amazing story! I missed all the characters so much 馃枻 

God! It's so intriguing! I cannot wait for more, the more information we get the more questions I have馃枻

OMG!!! this is the best news! 馃枻 

Damn it's so good! Honestly there's not enough spy IFs, loved the writing and the dialogue between the characters, that cliffhanger though!!! I can't wait for more! 馃枻 

OMG! I feel dumb馃槄 that I did not see it, although I had a though about the names being unique. Thank you for bringing it up!

I know 馃槩 it's so sad because the story is amazing, and the writing 馃枻 I really hope The author is doing alright.

This is so amazing! The story is so unique & gripping, the way you set the scene, the feeling, the MCs inner monologue & characters are so great. I really cannot wait for more! 馃枻 

no THANK YOU for creating this!馃枻 

OMG I cannot wait! 馃枻 

Oh it's soooo good & intriguing! Really loved the setting and the mystery that is being unraveled. Cannot wait for more! 馃枻 

This is just so incredible! The pacing and the story flows so easy. Just the perfect amount of details to set the scene, it's so intriguing and I don't know how I'll live until the next update! This is so unique and amazing 馃枻 

Absolutely amazing! The story is so cool and mysterious , just when you though you know what's going on everything changes. Great and really amazing characters and intriguing world that the story is set in. Your storytelling is great, simple but with enough detail. It flows beautifully and the dialog is really great. I love and appreciate the serious themes that are there. Absolutely hooked & cannot wait for mooooore!

I had such a laugh at the "nice try" if you try to bypass the password to chapter 7! 馃ぃ but can't wait for it! 馃枻 

Thank you so much for the reply! That is interesting info. I defenatly replay some paths!)

Wow! Could you say without to mach spoilers) if the route changes with different choices and coping?

I got 121, but sometimes when I thought my MC was mean he liked it, and vise versa its really cool to see that depending on the character (path you choose) one might like a mean comment and the others don't.

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I actually have the same problem, tried everything I can think of. By any chance did you manage to find a fix?

* after that scene it seems that the pronounce will be correct, so it looks like just a glitch on this page for now.

A note for MAC users: if you have an ERROR when importing your save files from Season 1. 

  •  Export your save with the button on the last screen + just to be save also save your saves to your disc from the left hand menu and save it to a USB. 
  • Open the game on Windows and load your save to S1 and export from the last screen or try to import your export files right to S2 on Windows and everything should work without any errors. 
  • After a successful import do the stat check and just follow the instructions on screen in S2 before the episode starts
  • And after everything your game should start in the first episode without any loss of any stats and choices.
  • Save the begging of EP1 on the left hand side menu with  "save to disc" and than to your USB
  • Go to your MAC open the game, load your save from your USB and everything should load on the first episode where you saved with everything working properly.

And enjoy your adventure! Don't forget to rate this amazing game so more people can find it and enjoy this masterpiece!

It is a hidden gem! And I am extremely  happy I found it. When there is no art to distract that's when you truly see the writing and storytelling and here its just absolutely beautiful! Thank you again鉂わ笍

I will be honest...I wasn't expecting anything big, but what a SURPRISE! Just WOW! The writing is soooo good, the emotions, the dialog. I can't believe I almost passed it by because its not finished, and I thought that there wasn't enough art work. But when I started, the story is so interesting and the characters are so great, who really needs art work! When the chapter ended on a cliffhanger I actually screamed "NOOOOOOO"! Thank you so much for your work and I can not wait for more!!!!