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This is really lovely. I feel cozy and I love everything about this game! Keep up the amazing creativity ♥

This is so lovely and it makes me crave for some good ol' boba ♥

No you did good! The other puzzle was excellent ♥ :D

I forgot you can zoom in lol 

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haha! It's a decent puzzle. I feel like they should give out more hints that would make it a bit easy for the player to understand lol also is it the current time in game or in real life  :') haha....

thank you for your help ♥

TOT!! I'm terribly sorry!!!! thank you for the clue ♥

I saw the hint for it but I'm still confused...I'm stupid when it comes to clock calculation LOL 

I'm confused at the clock puzzle...

This is such an immersive story and the three characters are fascinating ♥ These endings reveal more about Zeno and I love this a lot. Amazing! I would love to see more ♥

This was amazing! The puzzle is very interesting ♥ even though it is a bit confusing. The ending really makes me want to know more.

This gives me true seratonin ♥

This is the cutest <3 

You are very welcome ♥

This is very lovely <3

Here is my lovely "Mum" glow up ♥

You are very welcome ♥ 

this is so cinematic :'(( I love it ♥

Must be inspired by Scaramooch :>>

You are absolutely welcome ♥

The game is amazing! I am looking forward to more ♥

P.S. He kinnndaa look like Scaramouch from Genshin :P 

I can't believe someone finally turned this old tale story that I read in my Read class into a game. It's as amazing as the book. ♥

This game's story is very intriguing and I can't wait for more! The art style is very fitting with the era and the environment. I am looking forward to see more of the story and the game itself ♥

Thank you! ♥ I look forward to it!

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I would also like to add that sometimes the menu won't open at a certain part of the game. Other commenters probably mention this issue. 

Update: I play the updated version of it and the menu is still a problem. :)

Thank you, much appreciated! Good Luck :D

I'm not sure if it's a bug but when I went to talk to the collector, I couldn't seem to open my phone or get out of the building. 

Thank you for the tip! I figure it out by looking at the pictures. Thank you for the help!

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I downloaded the swimthrough and looked at the diary puzzle, and I'm kinda stuck at deciphering the diary and I like some further help with it.

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I was wondering how did you find the last gem? and where can I find it?

Edited: Nevermind! I found it!

that is sad :((

You are very welcome! I'm glad I play it ♥ It's really soothing.

I can't download day 2 as well. It seems there's no answer to the problem but hopefully they fixed it.

That was cute <3

Thank you ♥ I can't wait for the rest of the game to come out! 

This is a very lovely game but the problem I have encounter is not able to save. 

You are very welcome! It is absolutely stunning ♥ 

I'm happy Takumi exist ♥