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I been waiting for the next chapter I hope it come out soon. I dont want to miss it. I really love the cliff hanger makes me want to know what happen next. I gotta say each chapter leave me crying :'( its so cruel...

what a cutie ♥

Hurray!! Thank you for letting me know. ❤️

oh is ok no worries take your time :)) 

OH! That is awesome I can't wait to play the game! Thank you for letting me know. Take your time and have a nice day ♥

you're very welcome :D

I would love to play this game but its in Russia and I can't read it I hope there's a translation for english

the puzzle is a lil frustrating  but other than that its really cute and the character style is adorable :))

i hurts....but i hope theirs a happy ending in the next chapter. I also hope the puzzle isnt hard cuz i suck at it lol but hope the puzzle is interesting and hard enough that its doable :). I love the third chapter a lot especially those picture of the character T^T ♥

im stuck on some of the puzzle but other than that I love where the plot is going the character is awesome and the art style is cute <333

how do I play on the pc like what is the hotkey for pc

;-; i heart....Appollo....and why the bird too....i cant think of a reason why the bird is ded too.... my much waterfall </3

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oh! well um man i didnt think of that...hahah thanks for giving me a hint :) i really love how you interpret hardship of life and the art style is magnificent. It is amazing ♥

i cant seem to unlock the code for the book cabinet 

i cant seem to solve the puzzle from the chest in the parents room

Oh...I forgot the file fault but thank you for helping me I appreciate it. I love the art style and the story plot so far ♥

Im stuck at the draw the invert of a triangle with poison it says to use something else with the bottle of poison but I couldnt find what that other item is....can someone please help me?  :)

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This just let my imagination went to the dark side....scared "THAT" gonna pop up everytime I walk to the balcony. I really feel sad for the old lady I mean its gonna happen to all of us sooner or later. Plus when we get old, we feel super lonely because in reality no one(most people) wants to take care of us oldies because its tiring or its just giving them headache for wasting their time or some other reason. Even some of our grandchildren or childrens or any relative dont want to take care of us because of some reason BUT most of us oldies are very lonely. Our grandchildren will probably too busy with their family and their lives so they won't have time for us oldies. Sometimes they get lazy and don't want to go see us on a weekend when they are free because they rather relax and just not do anything or they are too tired. That's how I feel and think during the playthrough of this game. I'm sorry if I offended someone or got my facts wrong because I'm just saying my opinion, my thoughts, my feelings, and my experiences. But please do tell me if I offended you or anybody else I really don't mind that. Once again, I really enjoy this game. It really touch most people's heart. What I'm trying to say is people can relate to this game a lot especially when people have oldies that are in this state of age or time. But yes, I love it a lot and wish it was a bit tad longer ♥.

You are very welcome! I also am glad I gave it a try~ ♥

Yes they are all in my hearts and soul and same goes to you you beautiful you T^T and you are very welcome

This is giving me chills and good vibes this game is so amazing ♥ I love every single part of it you did a very wonderful job on it i wish more games give me this kind of feelings

shi....this is beautiful.... :'( this is me when I try to cope with the death of all pet fish that have died....but its a really good representation of it and the art style is gorgeously beautiful ♥

You are very welcome kind sir or ma'm :) 

this is very beautiful ♥

Sure I would love that <333 thank you so much and I do love the puzzle and the art style its unique ♥

i couldnt figure out the room with the skull i try to look for some playthrough to help me out but theres not a lot but it was a great game and great story plot i love it a lot keep it up

when i press launch it appear white. I wait for a lil while but it still white.

so cute ♥

Thank you my dude :)

The game is very very deep and send a very good messege of suicide, loneliness, and depression. I really am loving the art style because it really suits the atmosphere of the game and I also want to know the music name. It really hits people that has suicidal thought, been suicidal, feeling depressed, and loneliness har because I always feel lonely at home and get really depress when get scold at for whatever reason that would be. I am the only child and has been living with my parents but when I'm in my room all alone and I feel lonely from time to time even though I am living with my parents. I have to have someone I could text, talk, call, and hangout(not all the time unless in the mood) ALL THE TIME. This game really hits me hard and  I am happy that I play this wonderful game. ♥

yea thats the one....and oh I didn't know at all really....

Thank you for the help my dude and I do enjoy it its very mysterious :)

how do i get the conch next to the desk not the one with the trunk but the one with ther box also how on earth do i get the trunk code number

when i run the won't load the game it stay black.

i cant play the screen shows white all i could do it put my name