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I tried pressing E but it doesn't seem to work. Oh well. Thank you though.



I am having a difficult time getting xyx good ending lol altho i did follow the walkthrough for him but i feel like im missing some part or i feel some part is missing in xyx walkthroug

I honestly think this game is amazing! I am a sucker for Yandere. I can't wait to see the full version coming out ♥

Bruh...are you okay?? 

That ain't no room. Thats an asylum!!!!! :<<

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This is cute <3

Pixel Room


lmaoo I do too and your welcome :D

D'aww uwu sweet as a Jet - Puffed Bunny Marshmallow ♥

That is sad and sweet :'))

This is so sweet. ♥


Well, I guess everybody is sweet and aloof then. LOL

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This is beautiful! This is so sweet ♥ 

It really makes me tear up and kind of hurt my heart. 

This is my result.

This is not bad at all. ♥

I am kinda stuck on the fridge..

wait? I need to finish all the events and the part where I am able to enter the girl room??

I have found all the hidden money but the cheat isn't popping up HELP!??

the puzzle from the book confused me but other than that I cant wait to see some more

You are super welcome kind sir/ma'm. ♥

This. Is. Art. ♥

Nevermind! I fixed it! I just need to type in the same way the word is being typed! :>

Hey I try to put in the code for the door that the mask man is in from the first place. But it wont work. I did look up for a playthrough and put in the code for it but it won't work? So I am confused...

Thank you that really clears up the confusion! ♥ Can't wait to see how it goes 

Same here! honestly the calender doesn't help much.

This game is awesome but would love to have a full walkthrough :) ♥

that would be perfect ♥ I would love that on the scroll

I think this game is cute but its kind of hard when the controller is very sensitive and all in one controller would be nice if its spaced out like the zoom in would be like Z and the the mouse left and right would just stay as it is :)) other than that its really cute 

This game makes me sad...

♥ Omg I can't wait! I really am getting into this!

I finish all three route and its heaven ♥ I love the voice actor for all the hot dude but how do i get the mysterious 4th person route?

:D Nightowl got me giggle ♥ and thank so much I love the music ♥

I really enjoy this it feels so real. The art style is adorable. I would love to know what the music at title menu is call. I really enjoy games like this. NightOwl is my fave so far. :D But I also love the rest as well. All in all this game is fantastic! ♥

Thank you for fixing the problem. The art style is beautiful and so far, I really like it :)). In my situation, I have the candle lit. But thank you for fixing the problem. I'll let you know if there's any problem that I walk across it. :))

I am stuck at the part where I need to enter the door after collecting all the memories fragment. I enter the door and the animation for entering the door happens after the animations end, I somehow was able to walk through the door and it won't let me proceed with the story. I think it's a bug.

Oh, that is alright :D I FIXED it! Thank you for suggesting me to a walkthrough and thank you for helping me ♥ The game is good so far, I hope you are doing well and have an amazing day :D. Thank you so much for this amazing game ♥

Sorry for not explaining myself clearly but the problem was when i hit the blue button 2 times and then press the dont press blue button I got killed. I wasn't able to progress from there idk if im missing anything but thank you for replying ❤️

Hey.  Im having trouble at the button puzzle and I keep dying from it like idk why that happen. I did the 2 blue then 5 green then 7 red but I keep dying idk I hope I'm not giving out the game too much I don't wanna spoil for the other. I don't know how to fix the problem 

how do I switch item??