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when i press launch it appear white. I wait for a lil while but it still white.

so cute ♥

Thank you my dude :)

The game is very very deep and send a very good messege of suicide, loneliness, and depression. I really am loving the art style because it really suits the atmosphere of the game and I also want to know the music name. It really hits people that has suicidal thought, been suicidal, feeling depressed, and loneliness har because I always feel lonely at home and get really depress when get scold at for whatever reason that would be. I am the only child and has been living with my parents but when I'm in my room all alone and I feel lonely from time to time even though I am living with my parents. I have to have someone I could text, talk, call, and hangout(not all the time unless in the mood) ALL THE TIME. This game really hits me hard and  I am happy that I play this wonderful game. ♥

yea thats the one....and oh I didn't know at all really....

Thank you for the help my dude and I do enjoy it its very mysterious :)

how do i get the conch next to the desk not the one with the trunk but the one with ther box also how on earth do i get the trunk code number

when i run the game....it won't load the game it stay black.

i cant play the screen shows white all i could do it put my name 

You are very welcome my dude I did really enjoy it! Keep up the amazing work! :D

that knocking sound makes me scream and lock my door xD nice game my dude I think its an amazing game

thanks for the hint bro i'll let you know if I need more hint or help :) and you are very welcome ♥

You are very welcome I find this game very interesting I love it but the im having trouble at the terminal part where theres a computer and theres like a list of errors that you need to fix and its really difficult for me to figure out how to fix the terminal. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say and please do open a hint section on the games page that would be very helpful.

im stuck at the terminal

Oh I'll check it out right away thanks for the news bro ♥

whats the games song does anybody know? :D

oh thank you so muuuch ♥♥♥

does anybody know the code

oh thank you so much ♥ that really help ^U^

oh its ok :)

the gate to progress the story

i cant get the gate open somehow :s

you are the beeeest thank you so much ♥ I LOVE YOU and you are welcome

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you are so welcome ♥ 

somehow I can't find the song anywhere not even on youtub or google can someone give me a link with all the song from the game please I love you forever if you could find the song ♥

oh its ok i understand but thanks for the hint buddy :)

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This game is so touching for people with cancer. I have an uncle with cancer. I miss him. He always makes jokes and help me out with personal things. Hes so nice. :'( but hes gone now...

thank you soo muuch ♥ 

whats the code for the book

hey can someone tell me the songs in the game they are pretty soothing and I like it ♥

im not getting any weopon :(

You are very welcome ♥

thank you so much Devria ♥

I keep dying for no apparet reason when I'm playing the girl 

true and I have to say you did a good job on this amazing game :)

where is the run button cuz the first chase part I kept dying and in the option i put on for constant dash but the character is not running

does anyone know the code for the lock chest in the main room or office

i cant seem to play it the game crash when i press launch

whats the controller whats the button to interact with object

It was awesome tho the flow of the water was beautiful and I know how that feels :)