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A member registered Jul 23, 2016

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Awesome work, congrats guys!

That's a very impressive game, especially considering it was made in a jam!

Some things to fix/tweak IMHO:

  1. It's too difficult to pick an item from the inventory (at least in your builds). Seems like you really need to click on the center of the slot to pick the item. The whole slot should be clickable.
  2. Consider adding another feedback for interactable items. Several choices:
    • Change the outline color / the sprite color when the mouse is over the item
    • A sound on hover
    • Highlight all the items when pressing a keyThe music is really great
  3. The music is awesome! Release it on bandcamp! :)
  4. The "engine" room is the weakest part of your game:
    • We coudln't figure out what the numbers was
    • The music is too stressful, not matching this situation
  5. Sometimes the inventory stop working...
Please make those fixes! :)


(En LAN avec beaucoup d'alcool)