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It feels like a lucid dream when you play this game. Nice short horror game, though.

I bet the reason she turned into that kind of a monster is that

Mario rejected her hoe ass from chasing Bowser every time.

Also, thanks for the like. Much appreciated it.

Say "You guys are insane at creating this game and thanks for having an amazing talent to create video games" to Robbie, Luc, Jem, and Jason for me. Please and thanks in advance because I really appreciated the game.

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People with ADHD and foot fetish will love this game, for sure. This game is insane and the music is fire. I love playing it and the best thing about it is very challenging. Noice game, Hyphenza and the team!

This game killed me inside that I almost went mentally insane, but it was a still fun experience. 

yeah, it is nice.

You are correct about that.

Not a bad game if we talk about the story, the horror, and the mystery. I loved playing it and multiple endings are a nice concept for players to search and be sucked into a game.

I will play your other game Anger Foot next week, I am also interested in that. You are an amazing indie game developer, always spark my curiosity and my little kid version of me happy.

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Thanks, man. I was very ecstatic when I stumbled on this game while scrolling on Itchio, and brought me joy when you created this masterpiece.

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This is a masterpiece for me. It really brings me back to where Miniclip and Y8 existed, I always played stickman fight because it is the best and fed my sadness. Thanks for making this game.

I love how beautiful nature is. Every walk you will see beauty. It is just insane. Also, falling on the edge of the map you will get a trippy experience like you are high.

The only game that actually made my heart beat faster than I thought. The whole game is insanely fun and scary! Best indie game in 2022. For real!

This game was my first rodeo on real horror games and I have no idea what is the concept of the backrooms. I just clicked and bought the game because it looks fun and interesting to play. I was wrong a little bit. Guess what I wrote on the wall in the backrooms?

I for sure love the game and the funny thing is that I was playing tag with the monster in the backrooms. It was fun while it lasted.

I do love driving alone at night, but when I played this game. It changed my mind a little bit about night drives. It is a little creepy now.

I love being home alone but when someone is trying to force themselves into my house. MY FUN IS RUINED!!!

The constant build up of tension, horror, and demons trying to possessed you very quick when time is ticking is like playing a movie. It is so crazy!!!

I love how the full game was just chill in the beginning, but giving you that little creeps for you to be prepared.

What is up?

This is the evil and darkest version of Dora The Explorer, and the ending of it was crazy. Amanda is a skinwalker?

What a game!! I thought the internet meme will not become this evil. I love when you can find a weapon to shut up that talking stuffed toy monkey. 

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This game is surprisingly fun and scary to play. I played the game and it made me scream like a little girl or made me sing like one of those singers who go higher in pitch. It is a pretty decent game to give you a

boost in your day or make your day a little better because it made my life a little better. But he skipped leg day, though.  :)

I really thought this game will not be scary, but I was definitely wrong and I regretted it. I thought it will be just a joke of a game, but I gave my respect to RenderPi for creating an amazing game.