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Damn. Calling this cast "award winning" is putting it mildly. These are all great talents, and all with work on well-known titles in the genre of adventure games. Really impressive!

All looks very nice. Can't wait to play it!

I just wanna say how awesome I think it is that you are making this game. The first and second Nick Bounty flash games were childhood favourites of mine. But beyond nostalgia (which isn't that deep, honestly) I'm more excited to see a developer emerge from Telltale's implosion, landing on their feet and making a great new adventure game. I hope it has comedy as excellent as that of Tales From the Borderlands, as well as the impecably charming noir flavour of Nick Bounty.

My only question is, why does Nick look that way in the screenshots? I mean, need I say it? The man hasn't got a trench coat! What kind of detective story are you telling here, buddy?!