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Also having a quick look at your profile, it's a shame you didn't get time to complete the rest of the graphics as your other games do seem to have a nice art style which I assume, if you had time, you'd have put in this game.

Based on the video, it looks like a perfectly enjoyable little game that functions (unfortunately as I couldn't play it I can't comment on how it controls etc), and it looks like a game that you could play to waste some time while waiting for an appointment, or a bus or something; mobile games work best as short bursts then anything longer, so I'd say this looks all round a pretty decently designed game.

It's a clicker game, so I'm not sure if I can really rate it any higher in terms of gameplay; but the idea of running a Fish and Chips place is certainly British and I did appreciate the fishy puns.

Unfortunatly I can't run this game, so my ratings are based off the video you had on the game's page + the description of it.

I can't imagine playing Eye Spy by yourself is either very intresting or feesible.

Hello! I'm new to making games and to game jams but someone I know recommended this to me as a good way to both have fun and get into making fun little games!

So the thing is I'm not 100% sure on how this process works; I assume I make a fun little game and submit it for you all to enjoy? Is it as simple as that?

I know the theme is about "British Summer" but apart from that are there any other rules?

Anyway, I hope everyone has fun! : )