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Great app but for some reason it won't install using the itch desktop application for OSX. I can download it from the web version no problem but not from the desktop app, just an FYI.
(If this resolves itself I'll come back and delete this comment.)

A final version has been uploaded.
This version slows the text down a bit as that was the number one requested change.

There will be no further updates, see ya'll in the next jam.

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Uploaded an alternative download that does windowless fullscreen and lets the user press escape to quit. Nothing else is changed. Should be more streamer friendly.

New Version Download Link

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Personal take away, this is the first "real" game I have made. Meaning not following a tutorial, a warcraft 3 mod, or little rpg maker thing. Feels great.

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Here is a secret, there are actually two story paths you can unlock based on your gameplay. After playing through normally, try again as a pacifist.

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Well for some reason even though I uploaded on time it didn't automatically make it part of the jam submission.

Here is the link directly:


Adding visual flare to my entry, tutorial room is up next.



*14 hours remaining*

Today is dedicated to polish, putting final touches on the core game mechanics, and creating a tutorial room.

Lost about an hour trying to fix a broken character blueprint, only to remember this is exactly why I am using version control. Back up to speed.

That smile you get the first time your npc's successfully track and fire at your character.

Picture Link

Due to not having enough time to learn to 3d model and animate within this jam (last time I touched 3ds max was 9 years ago in high school), I am sticking to creative re-use of the starter content assets.

Focusing my time on gameplay programming, but in order to step outside my comfort zone I'm doing this in Blueprints.

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First area coming along swiftly.

Link to the picture since I can't figure out how to embed here.

Interpreting it this way:

- An action game, so it involves realtime key inputs in reaction to the environment

- Where you mock golems to make them pay for their crimes, clearly these golems have done something wrong

- Before the apocalypse, ah well now we know what the golem's crimes were

- But you lose strength every time you do it, self explanatory

The fun starts now, updates to come later.

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UnrealBot demanded "An action game where you mock golems to make them pay for their crimes before the apocalypse but you lose strength every time you do it."

Won't be able to work on this on Sunday so probably going to have to keep the feature set really short.

Let's see how this goes :)

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