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Thanks for the latest update, I'm gonna test the HW2 FW in my internal installations of N64, PS2 and Wii (GCN)

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El juego es impresionante, la música calza perfecto con las situaciones, como si estuviera viendo la serie, funciona perfecto en mi ez jr. 

Lo que dicen de la dificultad me parece irrelevante, es cierto Marin es difícil, pero no tanto como para tener que usar "vida infinita" please don't beat me loool 

Lo que si ayudaría un poco en eso de la dificultad es que el personaje estuviera situado un poco más a la izquierda cuando va corriendo, mas "centrado", actualmente está más a la derecha

Otro detallito es que Saori pareciera tener un ojo más arriba que el otro, ya se que es la perspectiva que tiene, pero aún así, no pasa por ejemplo con el comentarista

The game is impressive, the music fits perfectly with the situations, as if I were watching the series, it works perfectly on my ez jr. 

What they say about the difficulty seems irrelevant to me, it's true Marin is difficult, but not so difficult as to have to use "infinite life" please don't beat me loool 

It would help a little in that difficulty is that the character was located a little more to the left when he runs, more "centered", currently he is more to the right 

Another little detail is that Saori seems to have one eye higher than the other, I know it's her perspective, but even so, it doesn't happen with the commentator, for example

Congratulations for the release! This game is awesome and enjoyable by anyone

Oh excellent news!

ahhh ok then it's just very similar, it's good that it's not your game

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Hey! there's someone selling your game in physical cartdridge on Etsy, or maybe it's veeeery similar

good news, I'll wait then, in the meantime I'll keep playing this version!

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Excellent, I've had a great time with this game, for a future update do you think it will be possible to save the stats? it would be perfect with that feature

I commented after buying it haha

They are selling the ROM now

Thank you so much again, i will never forget this :)

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Would it be too much to ask that you also add to this game save the high score? Please!

OMG really thank you so much, now it's perfect!

I would really appreciate a new version that saves scores, since I have a flashcart with battery, that's why I mentioned it haha

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What a good game, the music has an air of battle it fits very well!
It would be perfect if your games could save the highest scores.

Yeah i tried goomba too, but works in ez flash jr. without problems

A very nice game, good music too!