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Ah, no it is not intentional! Thank you for the catch!

Red spark's move is meant to be " How can I help you overcome this?" 

I've updated the files to reflect this correction! Thank you again! 

Hi there!

To clarify, in each Lodestar, every player takes turns being the focus when searching for their memento, while the other remaining players would help them in their search!

Just like in a couple of GMless, No dice no masters or Belonging outside Belonging games, scene framing and roleplaying is rather freeform and very much a collaborative conversation between players on how to frame a scene/narrative, where to go next, and how to give voice to certain people that you come along your way. Any player can pick up the mantle of describing a scene and or voicing an NPC if they so wish, including the spotlight character. 

That being said, when it comes to the beginning of searching for the spotlighted player's memento, they should establish the vague sense of where/what their memento could be like, and give suggestions on where the table could begin their search. 

In other words, the spotlighted player should suggest an initial frame at the start in accordance to the 'vibe' of their memento and the table can play it off from there. Entirely up to you if you'd like to have each player narrate a scene in table order, or have a more freeform roleplaying experience from there! 

I'm so glad that this has been a helpful way of taking care of yourself! Your plant friend is always there to remind you that you are worthy of love and care the same way you care for them, and I really hope it can continue to help you through tough times--

Reading this really made my day and so incredibly touched that this has helped you during your struggles-- please, rest well, and remember to take care of your little plant friend, and yourself! 

Thank you so much for taking your time to play this short game! You even wrote it down physically, and I love what you did with it! I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to do a little presentation/review on your blog

You also made me think about something I didn't consider at the time of writing the game-- that you may not feel satisfied at the end of things, but embrace it nonetheless-- because you just want to rest after living a tiring life for so long. 

Many may definitely feel that way and has it been a while since I wrote this, I agree with you on that sentiment, haha! Upon reflection, I think I would probably have included a way to accept the universe's death and move on even if you feel unsatisfied!