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I saw the reviews and screenshots and was like hmm interesting seems good and stable.

Not optimized, runs like crap, the woman at the start blasts you if you accidentally hit her but she's always in the way, terrible voice acting, terrible gun play. No ADS either. This isn't a Boomer Shooter, it's an open world FPS, ADS is important

Honestly, I think most games done by individual people, or small groups of friends whether done in a month and a half or several years, is always gunna sound shit, unless they have studio quality mics. That's why I'm trying to stay away from voice acting lo

Keybnoard controls, wasn't fan of, so went to use controller and controller only affecting player 2 :/

Ahhh ok. I didn't have a controller plugged in, but was using the same port and cable to charge my phone so maybe that's it

I love it. Can't wait for updates...hopefully there'll be updates.

ONe thing, it sasy Y for Slomo in the botttom right...clicking Y doesnt do anythng?

Yes. Just. Download it

*Minor Intro Spoilers*

Maybe I don't see what other people like. But I'm going to give my thoughts. I don't like it.

The art style is beautiful, low-res but aesthetically pleasing, the voice acting is nice, although skeleton through me off (lol, models for the characters are amazing, but there's alot I don't like.

Dither by default - turned off immediately

Walking sim - I thought at the beginning, 'Ok, Scottish Dark Souls game, no problem, Dark Souls is fun' I thought I'd end up with a weapon. No. Instead I collect fireflies, walk through a forest that gets me lost, and an enemy jumps on me. then without telling you a control a bar pops up, which I'm guessing is a skill check? Now, luckily, I found out spacebar is did nothing in the bar though

So maybe I didn't get far enough in...but I don't want to. I'm not pushed to want to carry on going, for all I know I could be strolling in a forest for 20 more minutes. I just...don't like it, but hey, I don't have to like a game for it to be enjoyable for others or the creator, so keep making people who are into it happy