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What a scream! I admit, I didn’t expect that here :D

It's one of the games I'd play on a rainy night tired from the day, looking for some calm inspiration :)

Cute :)

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Thank you for the feedback,
the attack/damage feedback is already fairly pronounced by player animation, sound and ui simplicity/scale. Note that if you were running the WebGL version these may not load properly due to natural difficulty of porting to Web in Unity - I recommend playing the downloadable version.

We were and still are planning on implementing shaders and player-centered environmental lightning. Due to lack of time and energy we couldn't risk this aspect breaking the game. Same goes for the guidiance, we prioritized level design and did not have time left.

Hope we'll be able to bring you update(s) relatively soon :) I'm glad you liked it.

Simply A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Superb graphics (layout, idea), gameplay and decent music.
And it almost works well    on android (WebGL)  - cannot bet on fields everything else seems to be working

Nicely done,  I did not expect to see this combination  but it turned out really  well in your game.

Simple, yet very well done and enjoyable


Beautiful experience, thank you :)

Thanks for your comment, we're glad you liked it.
We've made a version with fixes and updates here that's been created after submission period if you want to try :)

We're currently optimizing it and making some changes -  once the  rating period is over we'll   be  able to update the game. Thanks for your comment.

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Use Chrome Chrome,  works best there

Known Issues

  • No music
    (cuts after 1st or   3rd   track)
  • Blackhole     is Irresponsive /   won't   delete the word
    (It does but it can take a  longer while of dragging - playtested till the end)

Soundtrack is now available   here.

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Minimal yet well executed.

Really like the style and admire that you made it whole this fast (finished game - only content quantity is lacking)