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Thanks for the reply, let me try it out now. :D

Great atomsphere and music. But I didn't find anyway to sell or eat a stock? 

Hey thanks for the feedback. Very cool advice, and the mutation idea sounds awesome!

Thank you! 

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I am a big fan of the Mix and Jam series.  I found mechanic recreations a very interesting way to learn from other games. So definitely gonna join this jam. Hoping to get somthing interesting done.

Indeed, thank you for the suggestion! :)

It looks cute and funny. got to try it.

Thanks, mate. :)

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Hey,it's been a long time. I finnaly have time to reflect on my old works. So if you are still interested, let's talk about it? My DiscordValia#1576

Hey, very polished game. But Level3 is a bit hard, still not beat it. haha

Thank you. :)

This is a weird game. But with sauce. I like it.

This game really got some juice. Love it!

The art is so cute!

The art is really cool. But the mechanics is a bit confusing. I tried every difficulty and all the AI could easily be beat by keep smashing left mouse button.

Cant connect to server.

You mean Topple?

Looks cool! Have some Adventure Time vibe in it.

Thanks! I enjoyed this feeling, too (That's where the grow theme comes to my head).  Maybe i should post a gif of it so people get the idea?

And with more support, I would love to expand this idea to a full version. :)

Thank you! For turning the ship, press and hold A and D should work.

Really cool graphic and fun game play. Good work!

haha, really great concept. Like it.

Gald you like it! And thanks for the support. :D