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Loved it!!! Sooo Much!!!

The Concept is very creative and Spooky. The horror is nicely balanced, So are the details. Overall, great JOB!!

I had a lot of fun playing this Game.

Fantastic Game. Loved it :) can't wait to see more in the future  

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I've played so many horror games in the past, but out of all of them, this one gets the props.

I have never been this scared in my entire time.
developers, you guys have outdone yourselves.
I had a lot of fun and chills playing this game.
thank you very much for delivering an amazing experience :)  keep up the great work

This game got me 3 times, lol

I love the story and the Idea.

The Whole game in general is Amazing  :)

absolutely loved it,

would love to see more..

incredible job

amazing concept, fun to play.

i had a lot of fun, i'd love to see some more of it in the future and thanks for making the game :)

love the idea of this game.I had a blast playing it XD..

looking forward to see more of this in the future

So Creative, amazing Work. I loved it (I had a blast playing this to be honest) 

loved the game XD

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cool game, I loved it 


I love the Idea of this game(BRILLIANT CONCEPT)....I loved it, fun game ;)

It's a fun game...

i'll be honest it's a fun game