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1: The maze area with the people chasing you needs some work with performance

2: Is this really as close as it gets to having schizophrenia?

I have a 1GB dedicated GPU and the framerate dropend to 5 at points... i suggest trying but not hoping too much

This was just a bunch of buttons placed net to each other... but is was a great bunch of buttons next to each other... ver nice simplistic gameplay

That was a great game! and to think that it's made with pico, that's even more incredible... Seriously great job on this game

I cannot seem to understand how to get the sword

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Hello again, today i made a test program to see weather it will be seen as malicious from virus total... i scanned two things

first: the source code ->
were it found nothing

then i turned the source code to an executable(.exe) and scanned it ->
and 12 engines detected it...

so i can only assume that it has something to do with the way I make the executable... i will try my best to fix it once the next version comes out

Really... I swear this program has no kind of malicious code(it was originally developed for personal use only), I am not familiar with the platform you used... can you explain what it found

If you encounter any bugs, please leave them as a reply here.

what language or engine did you use to proggram this...

Viry nice game...

but there is just one issue, 
I was messing around with basic haunt and then i wonder if doing it on top of the screen will result on the ghost getting of the screen, but instead it got stuck...

other than that, very cool game, i expected the house to be smaller when you said tiny...