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Upon getting placed on the table with the Trapper, I get stuck. No options, not even if I wait. I'm wondering if this is somehow related to me having the same error as lost_falchien had somehow. But I was enjoying myself, this is really well written!

This is a solid start! Honestly, the thing that makes me find this interesting the most is that is a modern fantasy setting that is still in its own fantasy world. I love that a lot, you so very rarely see people actually explore the concept of a fantasy world that isn't just standard high fantasy medieval era. I dig the various hints at what is and isn't common technology wise, like the main character not being familiar with using a phone really (the magic flipphone was an adorable detail) and even a powerful mage like the headmistress preferring cars for transport. I really am curious to see where this goes, because the potential for both worldbuilding and character development is realy high!

Having played your games since your first Undertale fan game, I gotta say...I freaking love how much you have improved as a game creator. And heck, even your writing has only gotten better with every game. You are so good at switching styles and vibes, so that each AU shines with its own tone and narration style. The contrast between this one and Mafiatale is a great example of how well you can do both dark and soft, without either being lacking in any way.

Honestly, thank you for sharing these. They are just so cozy and fun, and you breathe a lot of life into your stories with how authentic the characters feel. Keep up the awesome work, okay? You really are extremely talented.

You're welcome! People deserve to have the hard work they put in praised. And you put in a lot of work!

As someone who plays a lot of visual novel demos (because I'm a furry who is a sucker for a good romance, heh), I have no problems with bare bones proofs of concept. It helps that, even if it's bare bones, you've got a solid and intriguing start. A clear mystery for the setting that sets a backdrop to a cast of unique and interesting characters to fall in love with. You're genuinely good with character writing, so be proud of what you've got!

Of cousre, you are most welcome! Gonna do a playthrough of your other game shortly, because you're a talented writer and I dig your stuff!

I wrote a review, but I wanted to add this here. This was lovely. Cute. Simply adorable. You did some great work here, and whether it was supposed to be an April Fool's Joke or just has a framing device that happens to line up with a day of false narratives, I really enjoyed the Tender Frames universe you set up. A great little love story, with wonderful art! Just fantastic work all around!

Of course, you're most welcome! I'm honestly glad to see you doing stuff with different AUs, giving love and care to them and telling fun stories in them! Curious to see which ones you may cover in the future, and honestly I'd be glad to just see more awesome text games from you like this in the future regardless! So again, you're most welcome! You're awesome and you deserve to hear it!

I just wanna say two things.

Firstly, this was a fantastic introduction. It set the vibe perfectly for the noire vibe I imagine this AU is gonna have. Not to mention, I feel having the customization up front helps a lot with the narrative flow.

Secondly, I admire the ever loving heck out of your work ethic. You are like a machine that produces fantastic content on a consistent basis. This and Underfell are just...there's a lot of rough writing out there, went it comes to games like this. But your prose flows incredibly well, you depict the characters in a way that feels incredibly authentic, and the romances are just...they're very wholesome.

Keep up the fantastic work! You're incredibly talented, and I can't wait to see what you do next.

The monster children look up at you with sparkling eyes.

“She’ll probably try to catch you too,” says Puffers. “So cool! I’m so jealous.”


The game stops progressing upon reaching this point, whether or not you jump off the waterfall. Is that deliberate, or a glitch?

I gotta say, it was a shame this was never completed. The art is beautiful, and the twist at the end was very interesting. I hadn't expected that. I hope you return to this someday!

Error running script: Error compiling expression 'seconds < 1': CompareElement: Operation 'LessThan' is not defined for types 'String' and 'Int32'

I get this error when trying to rest after completing the training room. Am I missing something? I do have the latest version of Quest, so I know it's not that.

Okay, this was really awesome and creative. Always love fantastic noir style stuff like this, and combining it with a cartoon aesthetic that is really interestingly different than I've seen it done before is super cool. I am admittedly curious to see how the conspiracy plot will go, you've set up one heck of an interesting mystery!

This is really good, the art is wonderful!

Though, I am a bit sad there is no way to get a happy ending. Or maybe I'm just too stupid to get it!

This looks really cool, but the controls are a bit of struggle for me. I've been trying to get the Joy2Key software to work, but I can't seem to get it to acknowledge the buttons on my Xbox controller. Do you guys know a good tutorial to help with that?