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Okay, I didn't play all the levels of the game.

The platform of this game is unlike anything I have played. Even if I did, the arts and mechanics are made in such a way that it seem like a newly created platform game.

The arts are of course, lovely.

Thanks for uploading the game here =D

I'm surprised no one has commented yet.

I guess our morning are sometimes like that. Even with vibrant colours of things everywhere to interact, we don't bother. Wonder what it would be like to actually take the time to appreciate the things around us?

Also, the music reminds me of the whale singing in the ocean. It's soothing.

Thanks for this mini-reflective game. =)

The game is really cute. Waving to them long enough to see genuine smiles on their faces.

Thanks for the game =D

Yay, I ate breakfast.

Thanks for the game. It's simple, but the thought of wanting a place to eat breakfast makes the player continue directing the pixel boy.

Thanks again =)

I lost on the second level.

Btw, thanks for the game =)

Just played this game. I got the initial impression that the sitting man has coma. But then all aged except him. So I thought he was ageless because of the room he is in. But after I saw the final scene, I guess he is aging and in coma. The game grew on me as the narrative progressed. It was sad that the man could sense and hear everything but was unable to respond.

Thanks for the game =)

The game is quite realistic overall. The idea of having a real life otome for your friend is also an interesting concept. I was surprised that neither of the love interest fell for Candy (like most visual novels).

Thanks for the game =)

The plot wasn't too long or too short.
And everything between the manager and her wrestler was quite believable except for the pink sparkly background with Dean XD (only played his his route so far)

Thought this game of mostly humour, but it was nicely done. I'm good with this except for the swearing.

Thanks for the game =D

Let me just say thanks for making this game XD

I like how this is a satire visual novel (for boys?)

Even though it's short, but you got humor bruh~

May be extend the current choice or make more choices available?

Thanks again XD