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Just finished the demo! And I fell in love with Slimes.  First of all,  I like the battle system: pretty original, a mix of  the RPG and Survival-Horror genre; I especially like the idea of mana being replaced by ammo.

The lore behind seems very rich!  I've read every single side stories and I'm digging for the ideas behind... I've been stunned by some of them, wow.

Slimes is a maybe visually a very simplistic game by looking at the graphics, but don't be fooled by it, like we say: don't judge a book only by its cover! The gameplay is fun and the characters are very appealing (my fave character is "Healer", he's a such bean!), we're getting attached to most of them very easily.

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Oh my god I remember playing this game when I was 14 (I'm 20 now). I really loved the gameplay and mechanics in there and it's also one of the games that inspired me for making mine! I think this game is also suitable for people who aren't familiar with MLP: FiM, the animated series. 

I like the fact you didn't entirely copied the original game at all, it's really cool! I hope there's gonna be any update soon, I'm following this game for years. :0

Wow, I loved the story. I usually don't publicy put comments on NSFW works because I'm a bit shy at times, but I need to put a first comment in there! We need more trans-friendly 18+ games! Also your writing and art is stunning, and thank you so much for the inclusion of after care, that touched me a lot. ;-;