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A promising start! I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next both for this and the rest of the game itself! <3

Sure. ^.^

Thank you so much. I really love the idea you have, and the gifs make the combat look really inspired. <3

I hope I'll be able to give it a try soon and really get to see your work. ^_^

Thank you for your time!

Um...your controls don't work. all.

I've run this game multiple times, and I can't control the character whatsoever. After the opening cutscene plays I'm just stuck in place.

Post Mortem:

When it came to working on this project, I underestimated just how much work it entailed. Building an RPG, even if with a head start, is difficult. Even with good notes, a campaign to test your creations in, even with a system to draw from as a grounding inspiration.

I underestimated it, and I still have a lot left to go. The amount of progress I thought I'd made before starting wasn't nearly as much as I thought it was. Systems I thought were fleshed out still need work, and even ones that seemed like concrete concepts, things I'd used in session after session after session all proved to be difficult to get on the page, incomplete as I think more about it and talk about it.

Which is what makes giving a post mortem for this so weird. Because it feels less like a post mortem, and more of a bump in the road.

Admitting that I can't meet the deadline, but I won't stop working on this project. This game comes from a campaign, a setting, a group of friends that I've enjoyed. And maybe that muddies the waters a bit when thinking about this stuff. But I'm going to keep trying.

In conclusion I overestimated my progress, and underestimated the size of the task ahead of me. And I'm going to keep working on this, long after the jam is over.

That's amazing! Thank you very much!

It's okay. I hope you can develop this game further,  it's really fun! :D

It unfortunately runs way too slow on my computer. So i have a feeling my computer's probably too old to run this game. :(

the input mapping doesn't work, so there isn't a way of customizing the inputs.

which is frustrating.

same thing's happened to me every time with this thing. and it's really, really frustrating because i would LOVE to play it! but the problem hasn't been fixed even after 25 versions.

that seems...really weird. O.o

but i'm willing to give it a tr

thanks! ^_^

I encountered an issue with your mac demo. I tried to run it and it threw a pop up saying "No Game Found!!" and refused to run.

Even with version 1.3 the issue remains. I still can't climb terrain. It just doesn't finish the climb and ends up making me fall back down.

Even when set to Low, which even if you have it set to Low at launch it for some reason kicks you back to High, the climbing system doesn't work. It times out with almost all of the climbable objects. Turning the tunnel into a great big wall you can't get through because the climbing system keeps kicking you back down.

thank you very much! i look forward to trying your future versions! ^_^

i have, and it hasn't seemed to help much at all. though in all fairness my computer is fairly old so this sort of things unfortunately happens a lot.

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oookay so here's an issue for me.
the climbing system doesn't work on my computer. i got stuck and couldn't get past the first tunnel because i couldn't climb the terrain unless it was tall enough for the character to do the reach over her head animation.

any ledge that was shorter than that and the whole thing failed to get the character anywhere. I only got as far as inside the tunnel by cheesing running jumps to get over the ledges...

i use a mac laptop by the way.