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I won! Nice puzzle.  

Yes, nice fireworks at the end :) 

Nice!  Nice and tough but ultimately solveable.  

Final 3 levels are really good.  I was able to figure them out eventually.  Sorry to see the streak coming to an end.  

I can get 7 cheeses up into the last box, do I have to get 8 up there?  Any hints? 

I got 224 but I think I can get it down about 10 more. 

The Winter song begins anew!  Fun game after you start to figure it out.  

If you search for puzzlescript games, it shows up.  Also, it may not be on your main game page, but it is listed on your account page where it shows the things that you created.  

Looking good!

Perfect game for the confounding calendar!  

Wow, that last new level was tough. It took me a few hours.  After figuring it out I realized that I was very close the whole time.  Hope you keep the streak going!  


Every thousand years, dragons return and children dance.  Great game!  

Nice game. Sorry to see it end so soon :) 

I just played this through again.  Are you coming out with any new games?

Nice remake.

That was a nice new way to move.  

Fun game.  That 2nd to last puzzle was pretty tough for a while. 

wow, that sure was over quick!   

I liked it.  Nice game. I wasn't able to figure out the heart last week, but I came back to it and I think you changed it so it was easier, or possible.  

I enjoyed the bridges.  Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.  

Now you need to make a level select so we don't have to replay all the earlier hard ones :P

Wow, power of posting.  I kept trying and figured it all out.  Looking forward to your next game!

Lots and lots of good puzzles!  Thank you for releasing it on Puzzlescript.  The only one I couldn't figure out is the last one, Beastly #8. 

Duality swap master!!!

I played through it.  Nice levels.  Thanks for loading it up for us to play.  

Got it finally.  Thanks for the hints.  I already knew the first 2, and figured 3 too, but was using the one piece incorrectly.  

I got all of them except the last one, Full House.  Any hints for that last one?  Great game. 

Woohoo... that last level was a tad tough, but easy when you see what you need to do.  Keep the streak going!  See you next Monday.

I am free from this hell hole.  Thank you!

Nice game!  Home you make many more!

Good game.  Sorry to see it end so fast.

Nice game.  Looking forward to many more levels. 

Great game.  The ending says that there will be more levels coming.  Do you think you will add some?  

I'm a puzzle-script pro gamer.  I have my ways.  

Yes, great change of payce!

Blasted through the lands!

Getting an early start on the confounding calender!

It's especially fishy because when you try to close the browser on your or your classmate's game, a dialog pops up that asks if we really want to leave the page

Says 10 levels, but then the game ends after 5 levels.