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Sweet!  Post a link ;) !

The solution is to stop playing because it's over.  Otherwise I don't see the solution.

Is the 2nd level possible?  I doesn't have enough blocks.  What do you do?

Woohoo. Short but sweet

yeah, that last one was quite fun :) 

Gottem all except the last level.  I think that one will take me a while. 

It was a joke.  I was drunk.  I think my g/f was ranting about cancel culture at the time.  

Excellently put.  Now, for more levels for free for all

It's not entirely free.  It costs electricity. You'd love to cancel me. Culture club member you!

Awesome game!  Nice sound effect on the ending lol.  I hope you make many more games! 

Alright!  Thanks for making more levels!  I figured them all out.  When will you be adding more levels?  ;) 

I got up to the sign that says "Experimental Findings:  explosives and slime are a messy combination."  Not sure if I can figure any more out.  

That was very fun!  Looking forward to episode 2!  Keep making lots of games!

when you use the zero, then you warp into and destroy a number along the row or column.  I don't see how it clones you.  

What is the final goal of the game?  

What did you work out?  Did you get the teleporter to go to one of the smiley faces?  I don't see how to get a 9 out of there.  

Hard to figure out what the goal is.  Something to do with the smiley faces but in order to get out of the first spot, you have to destroy the #9 box.  

Great game!  (Hey, Toombler, what happened to adding new levels to your other game, That Gravity Glow... ??

Ok, I figured it out! Very clever. Thanks for making! 

The last few were so tricky! I finally got them.  Looking forward to more of your games to come out! 

I can get six of the 7 stars on a tree.  I don't see how to get that star on the right in the bottom room out of there, or destroying that tree above it.  

I had a great time playing this.  I hope you make many more games!

I got up that wall past the two circles, then saw I had to grab two more circles on the way up there.  I said that is too much.  

Ok, I'm freeee!  Awesome one-pager! 

I got all the way onto the very middle island with the teleporter, and can go onto the last orange checkpoint, but I'm not sure what to do to make the game end.  I have 3 moves after arriving at the teleporter island before it teleports me back down to the bottom right. 

I did it!  I can't believe it!  Wow.  That was a good challenge!  

That was tricky :) 

This is an awesome game.  Too short though.  I hope you make another one with many more levels!

This little confusing game should not be making my CPU run like crazy.  Something fishy about that.  

Okay figured it out by working with the other animal to be 'wider'

I don't see how to mimic the lizard starting at 9 and 10.

Finally beat all the levels.  I can't wait for you to come out with many more games! 

Woohoo!  I can't believe I got hired! 

What's going on with the rest of the puzzles for this month?  Yesterday was late and today there isn't even a new one posted yet.  

Yay! I win backwards!  I can't believe I figured it out! 

I got addition plus addition minus 6 equals 14.   Is that the best solution? 

Did you add another purple paint?  When I first played, there was only one purple paint.  Anyway, I was able to figure it out with the 2nd purple.  Great game! 

Woohoo!  I got 50 points.  (0, 11, 7, 3) 

Sorry, I just don't see how this is possible without leaving a single yellow dot at the corner of the moon to get back out with the purple.  

That one ended up being the last level.  My reward for killing all the rats and saving the children was a simple "Bleh!"  lol