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This Mod is so much fun. it is chaotic and shocking and just overall a good time. I highly recommend this!

Some issues I came across that I do not see listed:

  • You are unable to claim blue coins at the Racoons' store.
  • In the mission "The Goopy Inferno" in Pianta Village, being chucked and then landing in the Lava Goop will allow Mario to permanently walk on it without taking damage.
  • In the mission "Scrubbing Sirena Beach" in Sirena Beach, being chucked by the hotel owner at the start causes the timer to never start.
  • In the final battle, the green goop of Bower's bathtub is absent. It is not invisible; It does not exist. Bowser Jr. is stuck at the bottom of the tub as a result.

Out of the issues listed, the major one to me is being unable to redeem blue coins. This one makes the game impossible to 100% complete. Otherwise, this is a fantastic project. Thank you for creating it! It was a blast to play.