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The epilogue is not included in the steam version. maybe it's still available here in the ichio version, unfortunately I don't know, so far I've only played it on steam since the new version. But I would really like to see the epilogue added to Steam and, if not available, to ichio as well
Please take the time you need and don't let it stress you out. It is important that you have fun and don't jeopardize your health. your fans will continue to wait patiently and look forward to the results ❤️
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Hello me again :) 
I played the game again and I really have to say that as much as I love this Game, 
I really miss the epilogue that was there before you edited the game. 
Is it somehow possible to add it back to the new version of the game? I would be really happy.
At the end of the game i always have the feeling that something is missing before it goes into the extras stories.
Best regards <3

Even though I haven't finished all the routes yet, I love this game. (especially Caissas Route)♥♥♥. Changeling was a wonderful game and this one is even better♥. Many thanks for this great game and I hope for many more♥♥♥♥

Thank you very much ♥️

Good evening :) I really love this game and wanted to ask if 
the soundtrack of this game could be available as DLC. 
I'll be happy to pay for that too. Kind regards <3

It's really a very nice game. The story is also interesting. I really had a lot of fun in this game. I just think it's a shame that there are so few pictures in this game, and the story could do with a little more depth. All in all, it's still a great game and I'm looking forward to more games, if possibly more pictures for this game. <3

You're the best. I am really very happy. Thank you very much and i can't wait for many more stories <33
I love both of your games. Got both on steam and can't play them enough.
But wanted to ask if it is possible to get / buy the soundtrack of both of your games.
I love the music to you Games Best wishes <3
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I found royal alchemist a wonderful game and i'm really looking forward to the new one. Thank you for another good game and stay healthy <3
But please also on steam again <3

Me too. I cant wait ❤

Thank you for the hard work.   Stay healthy <3

Many thanks for the great work.<3 
I'm really looking forward to the game. love greetings and stay healthy

Thank You :)

Will it be available for Steam ? I looking forward to it <3

I'm really looking forward to the release too. I love changeling and have spent over 70 sdt in this game. I can't wait to play Gilded Shadows. Thank you for the great games, I'm looking forward to many more games from you <3

Hello I  again : )  I just wanted to ask if you evt is planning a route from Sergio to a DLC. I fell so in love with this Character and think it goes like this to many. I fide also in the bad end of Marcello have the MC and Sergio deeper connection. Sorry for my bad English. I love this game of you and look forward to many more <3

Many thanks for your great work, I'm really looking forward to the game. I hope you stay healthy and take care of yourself. <3

Thank you for the answer. And I have to say again how much I love your game. I laughed and cried in this game. It's a super game thanks for that and i'm looking forward to much more from you <3

Hello I bought the game through Steam and love it. 
I wanted to ask if the DLC with the route from Aslan will also appear on Steam? 
Its a very great game and i look forward to more. 
With kind regards :)

Thanks for the hard work. I think everyone can or should understand that there can always be obstacles and it takes time to fix them. Thank you for sharing this. I am really looking forward to this game and the rest of it.  All the best and stay healthy<3   sorry for my bad english :)

Thank you for the nice answer. I am glad that this game was not given up and look forward to it when it appears. Prankmaster was a great game of yours and I love it. I looking forward to this game.🥰

Thank you for the nice answer. That's fine for me even if there is no steam release. I love this game and am looking forward to your new game.🥰

Hello I'm really looking forward to this game and can't wait for this game to be fully released. I played When The Night Comes and it was just fantastic I love this game. Thanks a lot for this. Looking forward to many more of your games.

I'm really looking forward to the game.
It is very well done, the characters are all very interesting and beautifully drawn. 
I am really looking forward to this game and hope for many more routes with the other chracters <3

Hello wanted to ask if this game is still being worked on? 
And whether there is already an exact time until the game is fully published. 
Sorry for my bad english :) 
I'm really looking forward to the game <3
I don't think it was abandoned, the last Ubdate in April ( Kickstarter) was just 2 months. 
I think you need time to develop such a game something like that doesn't happen overnight, 
and you shouldn't forget that covid 19 is also difficult for developers. 
Sorry for my bad English. I am looking forward to when this game is finished and I hope you all stay healthy.

Want to ask if this game is still being worked on even though the kickstarter failed or has it been abandoned?

I love your game Changeling.  And I'm really looking forward to this game from you.  It looks amazing <3

A wonderful game. 
All characters are lovely. 
Would it be possible to get Chain as a potential route *. * 
Would also buy for it.
I Love this Game 
I look forward to more Games from you <3
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I'm in love with this game. It's brilliant.
A very nice game I'm very grateful for that. Is is possible to get 
and buy a steam version of it?
Many thanks for such a great game <3 <3