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I downloaded it for the fap but stayed for the story. Rye storyline is just beautiful.

Most appealing*

I keep getting an "an exception has occurred", just as in all other Ren'Py games.

It's amazing as always. You're my favorite game creators. I just can't stand the wait for the Coral Cave.

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Just black screen... Tried compatibility mode and running as an administrator. Also changing resolution/windowed mode

It's an actually amazing demo. The amount of content that I'm looking forward to see is unbearable. I hope this doesn't end up abandoned like 99% of lewd games. 

Man, I honestly love how the in-game player character cynically and humorously responds to anything Felicity says later in the game. It's so hilarious to me. I'd love some femdom themes including Felicity and Ashley. Will pledge as soon as I get my paycheck, best lewd game yet

It's a shame this game never got finished. It's so good..