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Cheers! Good luck on future projects!

Very cool concept and very polished!

Love the art with the 1 bit style! Controls feel good to play with


It has so much potential. The artwork in conjunction with unity's post-processing creates a very unique art-style. The walk animation seem alive and bouncy.

My main critique is player feedback. It's difficult to tell when you lose a life or damage an enemy. Apart from that, I can see this prototype getting into something bigger

Really cool idea!

The character animations crack me up! 

Great idea. Just needs a lot of polishing

Interesting concept. Although it makes kinda boring playthroughs 

Very clean and polished 

Really good for a first game!

Nice and simple. Very clearly presented

Amazing visuals! Unfortunately the gameplay is quite repetitive

hahaha very funny

Perfect ratio of challenge to enjoyment. The sound effects, music and visuals work together really nicely!

I love it!

Feels very polished. Well done!

Really innovative prototype! I feel like this idea could be made into a bigger game. Like if you're in charge of a painting shop and need to get the orders done as quickly as possible or just a sponge. 

Love the style! I can tell you guys put a lot into the menu screen. Very creative way to improve your typing speed haha

Really love the art and animations! Especially the background

Love the simplistic game style. And that menu screen is amazing! It's unfortunate about the sticky collisions but overall fun to play

I love the art and the concept. It's very original and could really be developed on. Unfortunately the music did really suit the game but the visuals make up for it.

It'll be epic if there's a mac compatible version!