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Thanks for the kind words! I was really quite excited about this idea and seeing you and others react so positively really is giving me the motivation to work it out further into a proper little title :D

We might have played the same board game ;) 


Thank you!
The idea is that the actions of the knight are out of your control, although there are probably many situations where the knight can only make one action and so in those cases you do still have full control effectively.

And I'm bustling with ideas to expand the game with, just got to make the time ;) 

Thanks so much!

Thank you for playing!
Not knowing exactly where the knight was going was part of the 'out of control' feeling ;) But as I wrote down in some other comments there is a logic to it and in a potential future update I might want to implement the suggestion of showing the 'intent' of the Knight (e.g. "I'm going to open a treasure") before you need to commit to your move.

Thanks! I intend on fleshing it out some more :)

Thanks! And yes, I think there's a lot of interesting little puzzly mechanics that could add to the fun of the game.  The reception so far has been really nice, so I'm strongly considering expanding on this little prototype.

The pathfinding could be more clear with a simple tutorial, but basically it works as follows: Any tile that is reachable in a straight line from the starting point of an Actor (Hero or Goblin here) gets scored, and the Actor then walks to the tile with the highest score. Every Actor can have some preferences (i.e. the Hero prefers Treasure over combat). It's a bit too convoluted to be intuitive, but I'm certain there are ways to make it clearer. I really like your idea of showing what every actor intends on doing while you're moving the tiles around!

Thanks for the kind words! :)